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Carl Gut has severe leukemia

Singer Karl Gutt suffers from acute leukemia and is receiving ambulatory treatment at Prague General Hospital.

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The singer's legend has it for the Daily Blake. Gott also struggled with health issues in 2016. For the first time, he announced that he would not end his music career after an illness.

However, in July, due to excessive pneumonia, they canceled the performance of the Venice Festival in Librebro, which was a normal performance this year.

He wanted to celebrate his 80th birthday at the festival, which arrived on July 14th.

"Four years ago, for an aggressive tumor, I had a very severe treatment that completely disappeared. About one and a half ago I had a haemopoietic disorder in my case of myelodysplastic syndrome," he admitted.

Today, however, it has changed regularly. "Unfortunately, despite many treatments, the disease has recently triggered leukemia," he added.

As he added, he has not taken up the fight against infectious diseases. "I'm undergoing ambulatory treatment and going to the hospital for checks, these days doctors monitor my general health." Said Carl Gutt.

In 2015, doctors discovered lymph node cancer. At this time he was diagnosed by a doctor to show him the results of a booklet he designed.

"Only one big black spot in the abdomen. After the first chemotherapy, it now has a third of the scalp. He has spread the cancer, but fortunately no organs have been affected. The doctors say my chance of survival is 90. Is in. I think I'm fine, "he added.

"I'm glad I could be in the circle of my family," she wrote several times on social networks checking for her illness. "I'm just finishing up my biography, which will finally come out next spring. A few days ago we made footage for a feature-length documentary about our lives," he revealed.

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