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Exploration seeking: Amy Winehouse has not made peace even after death!

Today, the Amy Wine House will celebrate 36 years. But she died on July 23, 2011, two months before her 28th birthday. She died at the unfortunate club of 27 years – stars of the same name died at the same age as Kate Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Johns Joplin.

One small talent has been played and his songs have gained many fans all over the world. The first album gained tremendous popularity from Frank, putting the album Black Back in the World of Idols. Much of the success behind his breakthrough was Rebbe, where Amy explained that the manager wanted to send her to a cure for alcohol.

Amy Wine Home

Source: SITA / AP

Unfortunately, it was their addiction that caused death. The alcoholic was also drugged, but his investigation confirmed his death as an alcohol addict. The family claims that the singer had not drank a few weeks before them and wanted to fight his death. If this was true, it suddenly had a problem in its path, for which it surrounded itself after reaching for alcohol.

On July 23, the M.W. Wayne Homestead commemorates the anniversary of the sad singer's death. And then another blow! Her ex-husband, Fake Field-Civil, wants a share in the heirloom, even though they have been divorced since 2009. One by one, after his death, she said he was tempted to give her heroin, after which she had gone some fast before meeting him.

Assessment Requirements: Amy Wine Home

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According to foreign media, it is shamefully worth $ 1 million (about $ 1,112,000). Some newspapers even come up with the fact that they demand a kind of prestige. According to The Sun, the families of the families justified their request, saying that, according to a lawyer, it was completely relevant, as they became very successful during their relationship with Amy.

Of course, the family is disappointed with this request, and the parents inheriting from Amy are determined not to give her anything. "He was a man who was making a lot of money for Emami. They are. He spent part of his relationship in prison and came to nothing but pain." A family acquaintance. There are even more disadvantages during the divorce period. "To say that it is appropriate for them to give him property benefits would still be frustrating." A family representative has been added.

Amy Wine Home

Source: SITA / AP

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