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Mamba singer 9 days after hard labor: Complications … Again in the hospital, they had to operate it!


She was one of the most varied and distinct teasers of the Slovak show business. With her excitement from the expectation of a young son she shared her fans. Suddenly there was silence, and it was clear to the fans that Mambo was already a happy mother.

The photo of her son was not only a singer but also her partner Tony. The proud parents are hardly expressing the unbelievable happiness they experience as they bring home the little Manol. Despite the joy, Mamba survived a difficult period – due to health complications.

With delight, happy parents have boasted Instagram.

Mamba singer for 9 days

Source: Instagram T.P.

She also informed her fans about the progress of her birth and why she had taken a break from her contributions to the Instagram. "This photo was born 3 days after the birth, and I have a third infusion of blood on her, a total fun – who can say that he has a real blood on Halloween?" Calmly call me a greedy vampire, " the brunette wrote.

Mamba ended up in hospital again after delivery.

Mamba singer for 9 days

Source: Instagram D.S.

Not every childbirth is a walk through the pink garden, and each parent experiences it differently. Although moms who have their kids in their own for a few moments, others are worried for several hours. Mamba admitted that her light was not. Her son has been waiting for a long twelve hours, and as she says, she would not want anyone.

"During my birth next to me gave birth to 4 other women I heard, which I envied that they were behind, at some point the birth stopped and it looked like it just would not work. the reconciliation with the worst came, " writes Dasha openly.

Tony is happy parents of little Manola.

Mamba singer for 9 days

Source: Jan Zemiar

But at her side, her fiance, who was and is a strong support for her, stood unmoving. "You look side by side and you see total despair on the face of the man you love more than yourself, who sees you give up." In short, I realized that giving birth is really the hardest thing in life and that it is far beyond the limit of the burden. When it was over, I was happy to have a tiny life and health, " she finally breathed a fresh mum.

Even despite the difficulties during childbirth, today, she enjoys a delightful son. But for a few days, she had to leave and return to the hospital. "I had pain and complications at home when I was released, so I chose to check for allergy to sewing material, causing the whole postpartum wound to open, and I went back to the hospital where I was operated in anesthesia – sewed the third time, " tells of his sorrow.

Many moms go through a difficult period during and after delivery, and Mamba is just a human. She is grateful to the father of her child, who took her over while taking care of Manol, while she was in the hospital. "I could not wish for a better man, more support," the singer is very well. Dashi wishes a quick healing to return to the beloved man of her life as soon as possible.

Dashine's sincere words about birth, complications, and life priorities.

Mamba singer for 9 days

Source: Instagram D.S.

Have you or anyone in your neighborhood survived such a difficult labor?

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