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Mozilla has begun to provide premium support for Firefox

Offer customer feedback.

Silently, Mozilla has launched a new product offering for business customers. As pointed out, in particular, it is a premium support that will cover these Firefox web web browsers. Of course, with the cost of the fee being $ 10, the premium is paid.

The offer of premium support is then relatively broad. It also offers the possibility of personal reporting to cabs or other issues, receiving critical updates, accessing a special portal for private customers, and even helping to fix your own solution for FIX. His future for the future becomes free.

Mozilla Firefox.

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Mozilla announces that it plans to support the Firefox installation as long as they are capable of running on devices that meet its system requirements. The computer hardware itself (Windows) itself can be up to 512 MB only for Pentium 4 and 32-bit for 64-bit versions, CSS2 with CSS2 and more.

What is more operating system, where is at least Windows 7 and above. So Firefox runs on MacOS, too. Linux, the premium support platform is meant to cover all platforms.

It is noteworthy that Mozilla's Premium Support announcement shortly afterwards announced that it would "reboot" its test pilot test program for Firefox, which was discontinued a few months ago, but Mozilla is yet to move forward. Was for analysis.

While the original test was a matter of a pilot rather than a solution whose actual performance was often challenging, the new projects proposed by the dynamic test pilot are expected to be "progressive and friendly" – basically, some type before it's finalized. Will have the product again.

First Test Pilot in the New Test Pilot is an enhanced VPN private network VPN service, but only US users can experience it.

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