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Online: TJ Tatran Krasno nad Kysucou – Spartak Trnava (Slovnaft Cup)


The first half is over.


It plays the last minute of the regular time in the first half. We'll see if anyone else is going to do that.


However, after the third goal, the game of guests is a lie of the game. We'll probably be waiting for the backstroke semiconductor, which will finish its first job in Karsa.


The spartan is again on the ball and half on the sleeve. The home team does not want to challenge and especially score a second goal in the first half.


At the end of the first half, there is some class difference and it seems that the fate of the meeting is decided. We will see that we will get the result of the first task and then the second half.


Thirty-one goals scored!

About five minutes into the end of the first half, the guests score their third goal in this match! Spartak made a superb save, but the ball hit 0 – 3 flips instead.


Eventually, we could witness two centers from close to the corner, this house ended up being a dodgy bullet.


Until now, Oslato Startak has achieved a Kuna Kit with his aggressive activity for Tanawa. The housemates still have to protect themselves.


Nothing changes, we attack the guests, but nothing interesting this time.


Nowadays, Trnava pressure is the way to go again, but finding a way to overcome the guest opponent defensively is difficult.


However, we can state that Krasno is alive early and should be a defense of Tuna's defense. Perhaps by the end of the day we will see an interesting event on one side or the other.


For a short time, efforts were now being made to resume the initial operation. However, it all ended with a wrong pass and eventually unauthorized interference.


By now, the side of the house is flourishing and the guests got a straight cut on the temporary half. However, they decided on the short passes and the football goals of the visiting team have currently been changed.


Zunomansky called for his homespunco and thus was forced into a raid by Tinawa with a system of surfer-infested backstroke Nikke.


However, guests continue their activities and want to include the most accurate access at the end of the first half.


Fortunaligista likewise shows the difference of two goals. Trواnva controlled the meeting with two clear blasts of victory and comfort. It has created an opportunity to grow at any given opportunity.


Thirty-one goals scored!

The match favorite lost their lead! It was a vicious defeat of a smoker who wanted to send a small house, but he had a lot of weakness and Marco Clemons grabbed it and turned it into a goal.


After a short hiatus, the Spartan moves to the half with the ball again auditing. The home team tried to attack the opponent's aggression.


Watching football players try to outdo them individually, but home defense is currently on hold, and the opponent misses the chance of coming to another country.


Again Gobbo tried to shoot, but his end was not correct in this case and without Kolich it would not work.


The game does not make any changes to the pictures, as it is more often than not for the guests, and is already half-formed. Even Spartak should wait for the next opportunity.


Tuna also causes other offensive action, ending up behind the penalty area of ​​the jawbone but only Kolichova's goal.


The favorite of the match therefore affects an important first goal and relaxes for a while. However, there is still plenty of time and space for the home to try to do something about it.


Thirty-one goals scored!

And here we have the early hit of this meeting! Tonova continued to try, the ball was flown to the penalty area and the Spartak tonnage was pushed to the head by Torres dos Stanos.


Spartak played a corner kick, but after a contentious signal he tried to finish in the penalty area for Dungubiko, but his wall could not be hit.


The Bubbles, on the other hand, had a good chance of leading the visitors in scoring. Both goalkeepers did not show us our quality.


The Tigers decided to go the long distance, but his wrong attempt was just outside the door, so Kulich had to intervene in the matter.


The silence at Christina Stadium continues, it really wants to be more interesting one way or the other.


And home footballers are not afraid to attack sooner, as they take the ball to their shoes. It was exactly the case, but it's only a cartoon for the three.


The quarter hour of this meeting is in the past, we are still waiting for the first more serious situation on both sides. Helps maintain home management at a great favorite speed, although all three can handle the pressure, but it's not yet accurate.


It was difficult to defend the ball, which should make it difficult for the ball. Trnava remains that eventually settled on today.


Before that, we were not under the attack of Oshul. In this case, he moved the ball over to Dungbeke, but that is not allowed to end the process with a shot.


Arzio tried to attack a small midfield but it looked like a goal for Crouch.


Brightly create a fast paced beach and home fans will appreciate and appreciate this action. However, the center of .uratného was too long and ended up behind the line of the ball.


Dangerous passes were now going to the home team's penalty area, but it was well defended by Karsa defensively and Tanawa, who is still waiting for his first goal opportunity.


The trio may initially increase the pressure, but it still does not reach the intended target. Honestly, one still has to be very careful.


Zunminsky was able to pick up the left side and push the ball all the way to the penalty area. However, none of his teammates were found.


Immediately after getting the ball, home players are trying to get him to play in the majors and take some big favorites in some interesting ways.


It is beautifully filled with the Stadium of Karsa, but there is a very intimate atmosphere. Probably the first interesting process, is this a chance to change reality.


For the first time in this match Tanawa had to defend himself. She also had her first good look and it was a good distance. After all, the Spartak defense has tackled everything.


Tešija and Dangubič took care of his clearance, but the guests made no use of him, again making goalkeeper Kolich a simple interception.


The ball didn't stay in the ball for a long time and three of the guests were attacked again. Spartak's fancy running house was not affected by fear.


As expected, the favorite of the match immediately took action. Arzuya made a cross in front of the home goal, but Kolch saved it.


The first half of this meeting has already begun, with Kickoff belonging to Taneva. The beautiful weather is nice in sunny weather, will be pleased with football fans.


The meeting began.

Both teams, with the exception of this meeting, are already on the field. Starting sooner than the first half, I wish you a good gaming experience!

Happy footage! Today is on the agenda of other meetings between the Slovak Cups and the game will again hit the fortified league teams. Karsa nad Kosuke, will enjoy a football holiday by Spartak Tinawa, which will welcome the event's Mogulnom winner. So the favorite of this meeting is clear, but cup meetings often come as a surprise. What will it be like now? In the meantime, check the assemblies, before the first kickoff, we will sign in again.

Introductory Seats:

TJ Tatran Krasno nad Kysucou: Bennett, Marcin, Newtney, Datoati (C), Clove, Kivakuk, Gob, Knee, Smile, Swank, Topek

Subdivisions: Kokfaj, f. Pegasus, Sycora, D Pegas, Copacac, Beno, Dana, Gaspar

FC Spartak Tanville: Bokel – Zahromitsky, Mitra (C), Munich, Diego, Gumbo, Orrola, Tiwa, Dungubike, Tavares, Coleman

Submissions: Rushov – Kotter, Melaleuc, Havlovic, Petat, Sabovic, Horvat

Risk: Bistric Numcic – Daniel Polsak, Martin Vetko

Dear Nazim, Welcome to the third round of the Slonhift Cup. As we shall see in both, TG Tatan is a measure of the forces of the Croatian Nadin Kosuke and FC Spartak Tanaway.

The meeting will start at 16:00.

The Slovnaft Cup comes together again in which the following teams will be welcomed from the Fortuna League as a team. This will also happen at the Town Stadium in Cresno-Nad Kesakou, where the current holder of the team will be welcomed by FC Spartak Tinawa. The choice of a match is obvious, but cup meetings can come in handy. Will this be the case, or will Spartak play a favorite role?

Welcome online traffic. The meeting will start at 16:00.

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