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PHOTO: The BMW 330e is coming. XtraBoost = Horseback to 2 2 2. Extra kilometers for electricity

BMW 330e 2019

With the new BMW 330e sedan, Bavaria proves that plug-ins can make a hybrid sense. And it can also be very interesting, but REAL environmentally friendly.

The new BMW 330e is powered by a 4-cylinder petrol engine of Xi'an, the latest generation of BMW D8 technology. The AstroBoost system, which is moderately integrated into the BMW model, adds 211kW (292kW) to drive efficiency by adding an extra 30kW (41hp) in the short term. Despite better and more spontaneous engine responses, the electric range of the BMS 330e sedan has increased by 50% among species. Apart from the local sentiment, it now reaches a distance of 66 kilometers. Reduce gold consumption and emissions by 10%, 1.9-1.6 l / 100 km and 43-37 g / km compared to earlier (WLTP data, but restoration of NFL).

In addition to fuel economy, the drive is also focused on maximizing the delivery efficiency. The hybrid system is powered by a 2-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine with 135 kW (184 hp) with MPD's Total Turbo technology, which works with a 83 kW (113 hp) electric motor. The maximum of 420 mm maximum from the system circuit.

The new MPE 330e sedan premieres: More for maximum performance

The new BMW 330e Sedan's spotless model is the standard XtraBoost system that brings vehicle division to a whole new level. It's easy and quickly activated by changing the driving experience control to SPORT. In this case, dynamic driving for 185kW (252hp) will receive a temporary boost from the Atteroist, which has 30kW (40hp) stored in high-voltage batteries, available for 10 seconds. is the. Power transmission distribution and performance The BMW 3 Series combines the most common dynamic driveability of the sedan. For the first time, the BMW hydraulic model has been given a throttle control warehouse that features high-speed full-time sports responsiveness with the addition of an 8-speed Statimo gear chef program.

The extra XtraBoost system guarantees a more intense acceleration experience than a conventional engineer. For example, if the driver suddenly breaks down at a top speed of 20 km / h, the new BMW 330e sedan has almost twice the speed of a vehicle driven by an internal combustion engine. In three seconds, the vehicle gains a head compared to its length. The XtraBoost system can be used from low level high voltage batteries. It is also available when the accelerator pedal is fully affected and when the automatic transmission selector is in the M / S position. As a result, the new BMW 330e Xan has grown from 5 rows to zero at 100 km / h. The maximum speed is 230 km / h. The challenging experience for this model is complemented by a distinctive acoustic background, and the sound also captures the vehicle's interior. The new BMW 330 has a clear sporting and dynamic charm with hybrid model's proven plugins by Xi'an.

Operate a 140km battery electric vehicle

In HYBRID mode, the new BMW 330e achieves cyan speed of 110km / h to 30km / h. In ELECTRIC mode, the local command can travel up to 140 km without counting. Previously, it was more than 120km. Special features for the BMW 330e hybrid drive include pedestrian alarms. When operating on electric power, external loudspeakers will emit a specially designed sound to inform you of the vehicle's presence for the BMW. At the same time, the acoustic comfort of the crew did not diminish.

To save space, the new BMW is part of the 330th-century electric motor with an 8-speed Statimco automatic transmission. With its sophisticated design, the traditional MBC3 Series is only 15 millimeters less than three millimeters from the sedan transmission. The drive unit is very efficient because it uses electric energy recovery and also acts as an electric motor generator. The power generator also provides high voltage voltage batteries through repairs or supplied to the main 12 volt power supply of the vehicle. Thus, the internal generator engineer's powerful generator is no longer needed, which increases the overall performance of the drive.

High range and efficiency give tax relief

The total capacity of the BMW 330e Center's lithium-ion battery is 50% higher, with an area of ​​12.0kWh for a maximum range of 59-66km. In addition, second generation hybrids of hybrid players reduce fuel consumption and emissions by 15%. In the statistics, this means 1.9 – 1.6 L / 100 km * and 43 – 37 g / km. With low CO2 emissions and a long range of electricity, the new BMW 330e fulfills all of the Australian tax requirements in Germany. In this case, only half of the list price is used to calculate the tax basis for the vehicle's private use.

The BMW 330e highway batteries in Xi'an are located at the bottom of the aircraft, the top row of the fuel tank. This means that the equipment of the hybrid model is changing drastically. In addition, the backdrop of a 40-year retreat set can be adjusted by increasing the equipment to 375 dm: 40: 40.

The plug-in has a complete list of accessories and accessories designed for the new MPE3 Series sedan, for hybrid versions. An alternative to the basic version of the BMW 330e is the Sport, Line, Line and M Sport versions. Under the hood, there may be applications including variable game steering and the AMA sports browsing system, among other elements. Starting November 2019, the new BMW 330e sedan will also be available with an electronic expander bar. In the packed hybrid model the trailer was able to withstand a maximum weight of 750 kg.

Independent heating and air conditioning standard

The new BMW 330e incorporates automatic remote and free internal temperature rating in Xi'an. In this case, the high-voltage batteries also serve to operate independent heating or air conditioning. At low temperatures, the interior can also be used freely in the traditional way. Even at low battery capacity.

With the arrival of the new BMW 330e Xi'an, new digital services will also be introduced. After choosing a public charging station, the navigation system provides drivers with a list of nearby hotels, restaurants, cafes, tourist attractions and cultural establishments. The driver also checks the availability of the nearest Sun Station through the vehicle's display and operating system. Drivers will then be informed of the expected availability of the public charging station at the time of their arrival. In addition, the possibility of short-term residence of the charging station will be added.

Introducing new sports sedans, including hybrid technology that will also be available for the new combi version of the BMW 330e Touring in the Summer 2020 Canvas. For the first time, those who are interested in the MB Transfer State will be given the opportunity to choose a hybrid vehicle in one of the plugins. This new offering also gives the MMA more options with electrically powered vehicles to increase model aggression.

Ready for the future: MMA driving zone guarantees delivery in low street areas

The new BMW 330e Xi آهيn is ready to take advantage of the low emission zone that free-form driving is created in cities. This type of area, the MBMEA drive zone (MBMEA drive performance) is standard on the MPDA drive performance and standardized on BMW Pulse-2 hybrid vehicles and automatically refrigerated). Would switch to. This means the plug-in for hybrid vehicles is usable without the driver having to do something. Thus the vehicle (in accordance with the local regulations) obtains a position as a pure electric vehicle. The ability to plug in customized vehicles to increase this new feature will increase. Increasing the electric range limit will thus help reduce consumption and thus reduce user operating costs. This is especially true of urban traffic, where electric propulsion will be more efficient than petrol or diesel engines.

The new BMW 330e lowers the total carbon footprint of the sedan.

The true environmental impact of hybrid vehicles is to create a forum, especially in countries with a low share of green energy in the public power grid. The BMW Group has been certified for the entire MMP330e Cyan CO2 for its entire life cycle. Access to production and recycling of raw materials through drilling, access networks.

This means that the complexity of the new BMW 330e Xi'an's total carbon (when its energy is above average European CO2 over its lifetime) is 20% lower than the new BMW 330i. When a vehicle is charged with producing electricity from renewable sources, its efficiency is reduced to 60% of CO2.

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