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Sokodo Austria invites 60 years

Sڪوkotakacia leaves 60 days from its starting start. In January 1951, Mola Ballolau will first get first carts in the production of the plant.

In the mid-1990s, the first examples of popular models were introduced on a popular model, which soon became the brand subsidy in many markets of the world.

Be prepared to Scoobda 60 years ago for the first year. Latin term "Aathyaya" means eight. At that time, not only the 8th branch of the WWII branch, but in 1933, was the place of the modern generation of the first kind of free All-wheel drive drive.

The first two door vehicles of Sokoda Aquacia started in January 1959 with the original generation of production in Mola Balvalu, in the earlier 440 and 445 earlier the first strike, a reliable four-stop four-stot was a star. Run 1 L / 29.4 KW of four-speed gas bicycles. Austria reached 110 km speed speed and 7.7 liters of federal per 100 kilometer meter. In addition to the new features of the new Mac, thanks to the help of tool springs and axis axis torque stabilizer, also has high quality and high levels of access. During the period 1959, vehicle safety was also enhanced by more efficient emotional herds. It was also Austria Superintendent with a strong 1.2L / 33 KW engineer. Austria was a great blind man in the world. Like a market economy, there is a need for special vouchers to buy Czechoslovaks.

On March 10, 1960, Geneva Motor Show, the Premier Aquavia Touring Sport, which had the power of up to 37 kw. FAR has been allowed to compete in a group and participate in a number of organizations, preparing successful cars in a running motor vehicle running at a speed of 130 km. An example is Haiti who got in his class on Mont Carlo Reil between October 1961 and 1963.

On 11 September 1960, Okayda was introduced with two wing in Kobe Brno, horizontally the fifth door was split. Outside the carriage outlet, 965 mm and 690 liters of equipment used on 5 cars offered at 4,065 x 1,600 x 1,430 mt. After retreat back, sales can be increased upto 1050 liters.

The last two doors of the Super Galaxy's last october, on April 11, 1964, left the production line in Mlada Boleslav, Sokova released an auto-assisted body and rear engine to operate a completely new range of 1000/1100 mg. The churches left the churches on December 21, 1971. From 1959 to 1971, more than 360,000 first-generation locations of more than 54,000 cubic automotive vehicles were included in the Korean carrier model.

In 1966, the first Zealandland of Sokodok Akkovia became strong and moderate, the basis for the development of Malala Borussloal was developed. Its foundation was a small challenge of Aqua Super. Brave and famously complicated today is one of the predecessor of SVV.

Austria is the equivalent of Sokodia. In 1992, later the Sucodia Brand Volkswagen was incorporated into the group, a new model was started to return to fictional fiction. On the new chassis platform, Chief Designer Derek Wins Bacquilla was composed with an incredible trade design. Its fifth degree was introduced by Aqua Liteb on April 4, 1996. The profoundly encouraged 528-1328 liter's high-profile active and neutral safeguards. In March 1998, it was fully completed by a body type of Australian chemical, which was in addition to the addition of all wheel-wheel drive versions. From November 2010, 970,000 Letterskick and more than 470,000 were developing the first generation of Australian models.

It had 1.6 million years and the overall production of 900,000 second generation of Sokoda Akkovia was created between 2004 and 2013. Nevertheless, it also benefits a lot of benefits, including some novels, such as Straight Lamp Engine, or DDD Dodge Clutch Gibbs. Today's Kukova offers problems in the offering, among which the third generation of Akia, prepared from November 2012, was specially updated in 2017. More than 2.5 million customers have been selected for it.

The marketplace has got a strong place on Aquacia Bazar and is not only at home but also in the world, rather than increasing popularity. It copies a record 6.5 million rupees of all peoples since 1959. Czech Republic is the main production of post-postage postage, Acacia Cartoons China, India, India, Russia and Kazakhstan.

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