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Road collapses, Bitcoin work goes up to $ 4,000


Attention was changed to these people.

On 23 November 2018 at 11:56 am TASR

new York. Record records, and may show the worst week of this year. The Bak Town is set at $ 4,000 (€ 3507.85).

Friday's best digital listing was reduced by 7.6 percent, later the loss of the loss was eliminated. According to Bloomberber's comprehensive index, it dropped 4.1 percent to 4.444 US dollars near the lowest level from October 2017.

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Other decrease in digital agriculture, atomic, access, and latitudes have lost at least 5%.

The rise prevails on the unfortunate bubble

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The Bloomberg Glacier Cooperative Industry has decreased from November 16 to 23%, in the beginning of January, the highest weekly caloretia has fallen from the top of the enmity.

After the wasting in the past year, the worst inaccurate bubble has been erased in history, including Cratatini's total market marketing, of which CoinMarketCap.com reached the reach of 835 billion dollars in January. Today, it offers $ 138 billion.

Due to a decrease in 2018, many factors have been enhanced, including strongening of control, problematic problems around digital names, and chaos on platform for trade with christmasam.

The floor is still in sight

The market has been more than 70%, but the head of the Stephen Fennon's trade, the Asia Pacific region, is still not visible below.

"There are still many people in this game," Anin said. If the bacticot is over, if we see us $ 3,000, it will be fierce, and people will try to get rid of it as soon as possible. "

He added that, according to the baseline complex, Bitcoons will sell up to 3500-6500 range in short periods, and the price goes up from January to 2500.

Investments in stock markets are more interested

The economic impact of cryptomeni abortion is still limited.

One reason is that many banking assets have been invested in orbit-oriented names.

For most investments, more important than current mortgages of stock markets.

By the competition, the Kutsumen market has lost $ 700 billion from the beginning of the year, whereas the global market price has just 1.3 million dollars in this week.

Lost people of the deceased people

The customs changed these fundamentally through individual investments that have been purchased at most of their time, as well as provide exacerbation for companies like Corinthians, Corinthians.

The cost of California chip maker has been minimized.

Demand for chips used for the poor results of minerals Ritamammia and sports division.

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