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Russian Army Account: This Honeycomb weapon can launch an electronic attack


With the advancement of technology, weapons are also increasing. Class bullets, such as rockets, have slowed down before but definitely lose their meaning. The time has changed and the forces have to adapt accordingly.

The military defense industry says they are focusing more on the so-called electronic warfare. One of the results of this latest trend is the Russian hack tax weapons Krasukha Not only does the energy shut off the enemy's radar, but also its spatial orbit in the lower Earth's orbit.

Weapons Development is a Russian company KRET, Behind the running platform BazGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Production started in 2010 and continues to this day. The Russian army has two variants in its arsenal. One has been named Krasukha-2 (250 km) and a second Krasukha-4 (Height 300 km).

It can be turned off by satellite

A well-equipped varicolor of CARSA-4 has no problem destroying another country's satellite activity at the lower levels of our planet. And not a single missile at all without firing on a projectile. The destructive attacks will happen silently and very quickly.

The US tech giant's radar system could be AWACS BoeingWhich are used by NATO countries, or a drone drone that would be impossible to obtain the required GPS signal. Preparations in Syria take some time, where this complex United States maintenance technology works.

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