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Sokudo Kameez is priced at Slovakia starting at 149999 euros

Friday 13.9.2019 / Philip Garage

The Church Escuda is more than 1500 Euros more expensive than the Scada Scala.

The new company Express will be officially introduced to the Slovak students at the Nutra Motor Show in early October. Zobor does not want to judge the way. Merchants will receive the first pieces in the next few days.

The alloy market is in the market with two petrol and one diesel engine. The system is turbocharged 1.0 TSI, available in two power versions. The weak 70 kW (95 hp) works especially well with a windmill manual transmission. The more powerful 81kW (110hp) standard six-speed manual is available and the 7-speed DSG 7-speed grid matches for an additional 2000 Euro.

The petrol peak is a 1.5 TSI (110kW / 150hp) four-cylinder turbocharger, available in the middle of the emulsion. The standard six-speed traffic transmission can replace a 7-speed desktop dual-clutch system for an additional 2000 euros.

Diesel fans can carry up to six tonnes of DW (85 kW / 115). Again, the six-speed manual can accommodate up to two thousand euros instead of a seven-speed DS. Pseudo-Comic is always front-run.

Available on the main active stage, available air conditioning, 6.5 inch radio, wide start, 16 inch wide disc with temp soles, dual dual beam dial, light sensor, high speed front, autonomous emergency endurance performance and vehicle stack.

Sixth level test front-facing placement, Bluetooth, double-zone automatic climate control, aircraft parking sensors, cruise control, heated front seats, multi-storey size, height adjustable driver and passenger seats, …

The upper range features full diode fit and radiator lights, 8 inch, radio, front, rear parking sensors, rear view camera, 17 inch alloy wheels and Skoda sound system with 10 speakers and swadd sound.

Special luggage packages can be ordered for individual luggage levels.

(You can find the table in high resolution in the gallery)

Price list

1.0 TSI (70 kW / 95 hp) 5M14,990 €€ 16,490
1.0 TSI (81 kW / 110 hp) 6M€ 16,290€ 17,690€ 19,730
1.0 TSI (81kW / 110hp) 7DSG€ 18,290€ 19,690€ 21,730
1.5 TSI (110kW / 150hp) 6mm€ 19,590€ 21,630
1.5 TSI (110kW / 150hp) 7DSG€ 21,590€ 23,630
1.6 TDI (85 kW / 115 hp) 6mm€ 19,140€ 20,54022,580 €
1.6 TDI (85kW / 115hp) 7DSG€ 22,54024,580

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