Sunday , August 14 2022

The new SpaceX rocket will be named Starfleet


A Super Heavy rocket carrier delivers it into space.

The SpaceX racket, which is to get the first people to Mars in a few years, has a new name. So far, she has had the internal designation Big F *** Rocket, because it has to be the largest rocket in the world. Currently, Elon Musk on Twitter has announced that her company has given the name Starship, the Starfish.

It will be a two-speed machine, with Starship marking its top part, which will carry (i) the human crew.

Elon Musk

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The first stage, the main rocket carrier that gets the whole colossus from the Earth's atmosphere, is supposed to be called Super Heavy. Recall that the current state-of-the-art rocket of the world, also from SpaceX, is called Falcon Heavy.

See the fly planned to fly around the moon on the video:

Musk has suffered a minor footprint on Twitter. The Starboard name is not exactly accurate if the real machine does not fly beyond our own star system. The SpaceX boss, however, opposed that later versions of the machine will eventually do something like this and they will also do it.

The biggest and unique

The star ship at the current stage of development counts on the use of seven engines and several large wing flaps.

Thanks to them will be a unique landing method. With the atmosphere, the ship sails like a skydiver to turn around and land vertically, as is customary with the current generation of Falcon machines.

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