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The painful brutality of Marca Gobmato: The Lover gave her and then … tragedy!

Psycho singer Marika Gobmitwa was born on September 12, 1956. At an early age, music had been around since childhood and a 13-year-old wife began working with her brothers. She became a professional singer in 1976 when she joined the band Mods. She recorded her first solo album in the 1999 and 1980 versions.

In late November 1980, an unfortunate car accident deprived him of a chance to move, but he never gave up and performed his music.

Dr. Meloslova Štelcová with Marca Gobmitova during a recovery car accident during her recovery.

Marco Cemetery of Painful Alcove:

Mark also preferred music over love and although German merchant Rudy asked him to marry, she eventually married. But even more painful than the one with an Italian Alberta, he crashed into a wheelchair seven years after the accident.

"It's a period of love and happiness," Memorial to the Book of Memorials in Gobamitwa. His beloved had no problem with his hand and only cared for love. But as the relationship became more serious, there were problems, not on his part, but his family's opposition.

Albert finally relieved the pressure of his relatives and put the future behind the market head. He gave it to her. However, in 2004, fate severely hit his life. At Rally in Hurghada there was an accident while testing a new motor and he was doing good on a heavy machine. Like our singer, he ended up in a wheelchair after the accident.

Marco Cemetery of Painful Alcove:

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