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The scene is cocker again. Pellegrini should now describe his relationship with her


BERTSLA – An unusual meeting that seeks to remind the opposition has launched a fifth attempt at Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini. The Prime Minister was a member of the House and Parliament, who is asking his head. Nonetheless, the most inclined name belongs to someone else in the hall – Marian Kosher. They were met with ideas about them, wrote more and discussed them.

The reason for calling an extraordinary meeting to take over the Prime Minister was his inaction on the matter of the Foreign Secretary of the Judiciary Manika Jankowska. The opposition has demanded his removal for a claim of contact with Marian Cochran. When the Prime Minister did not want to do so without clear evidence, they went to the next step and began an extraordinary meeting to hand over Pellegrini. But last Friday, just a week ago, they weren't. Indeed, there were not enough members in the hall to open the meeting. Can't wait half an hour and try again.

Then the unusual meeting went on Monday. However, that was repeated last week, and the MEAs did not open the meeting on another success. The President of Parliament thus decided to move the Prime Minister at the end of the Commonwealth to be sacked. However, the meeting was signed at the next meeting of the extraordinary meeting before the opposition – but with the same intention – to dismiss the prime minister from office. She was called for today. And she was wide open.

Igor Matovič. Source:

V Kočner

The Prime Minister's memory, which began at 1pm today, was marked by Marian Kosher and who was kept in touch with the controversial editorial. He mentioned the opposition parliament and coalition forces. Fraser Igor Matovic was the first to take the floor. To Pellegrini's address, he said that he was an unnecessary minister in the history of Slovakia and again he criticized for not mentioning the post of Monicaevskov. During another nearly two-hour performance, he noted that Kosher had written to Elena Zaziz, another defendant in Monacocca's case, in the murder case of Junk Kocak. Quakers also typed in with the man, who was deposited in the phone as Monika Tusco. He denied that contact with Kosher, but announced a few days later that the case indicated that it was over. However it was too late for the opposition. He insisted that it was Pellenia, the information that was published soon after it had been removed.

Marin Coco is currently in custody, in lieu of revenge. In addition, there were also politicians in the parliament who discussed him further. Source: Korček

No need to worry about the Pellegrini feature

In addition, the Prime Minister met with members of his cabinet for his dismissal in the National Assembly almost directly in Sindh. In his speech, he specifically responded to Igor Mutoviت's men and expressed his disagreement that he should stop because he did not abolish Jinkovsky. "I think once I was reminded, it's because I betrayed the interests of the Slovak Republic or its institute," He said. Considering that he should be the minister before then, because Montekococco could not refuse at this time.

He was also unconvinced by the fact that the opposition's parliament had linked him to Kosar. "During your rule, Kaker and Sasik were having breakfast under my rule, this person is put in jail and" Judy.

MEPs will not decide whether to remain in the PM seat today. Voting is set for 9 a.m. Tuesday. However, the probability of distrust of Patelini and the entire government with him are very small. To this day, Paul Greenney has supported the coalition, said Andrei Danko, speaker of parliament and the CIS alliance.

Globe.s oversees the situation in an extraordinary meeting, interrupted by the removal of Peter Pellegrini to the Prime Minister's Place. We will keep you informed of our current progress.

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