Saturday , May 21 2022

The surprise from Meghan Markle. It comes to market with its own brand of cosmetics


The name of the Duchess of Sussex is lectured like never before. The reason is not to leave the royal family, but to do the activities in which he engages – and he does not relieve them.

Although Meghan Markle worked as an actress for many years before she became an official friend of Prince Harry, she received considerable attention from Prince Charles in connection with Prince Charles’ younger son. At that time, the handsome American actress became an attraction for Paparazzi, who takes her every step of the way. However, shortly after she confessed her relationship with the British princess, Meghan shut down all social networks.

It was not until years later that he said the reason was not so much the affair with an influential representative of the British monarchy as the fact that the urgency of his confrontation hurts the world. Today, he is trying to debate and appeal this topic – in the context of mental health education. For example, he used himself and his work in the royal family, which mentally destroyed him.

“I was really embarrassed to say it at the time, and I was especially ashamed to admit to Harry, that I didn’t know how much he had endured. But I knew that if I didn’t say it, I would do it – and I just didn’t want to be alive. She was surprised at an interview with Oprah, where she confessed, in addition to her suicidal thoughts, worries that were bothering her.

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She focuses on what she enjoys

As Meghan is not part of the British Empire, she devotes her time exclusively to the family and the projects that accompany her. By giving up his official role – and thus not being obliged to adhere to the strict rules of the royal family – he may devote himself to his plans. One of them will probably have his own cosmetic board, which he is now working on.

As Meghan reported on her blog Evo in the past, skin care et al and cosmetics have been a major passion for her. Journalists were not surprised that they caught it based on Bill Gandy, the founder of a cosmetics company responsible for distributing several well-known brands – including Jennifer Lopez Cosmetics Line. It wasn’t that it was the first meeting, on the contrary – the Duchess and her husband visited a number of beauty Yara beauty parlors.

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