Thursday , September 23 2021

They have discovered the water of the energy of the water that comes from the solar system

The research body examines the weight and weight of the research.

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BRATISLAVA They understand the Siemens startup period when sending CCI-Rex Research Studios to BNNA when the CCC is created. At the beginning of December, she stopped Benana and sent the first data.

And there was an unexpected surprise in them. Air IRIS-REX at the board's elevator's level was occupied by the occupied water.

Announces US National Aircraft and Space Authority (NASA) Discovery.

Stitching and Watering

During the flight floor, two spherators of the Ozaris-Rex-marked banner. These devices make it possible that the highlighted chemical structure can be measured lightly with the brightness of the composition.

Steroides have shown that the surface of the surface consists of underwater microbes and oxygen bonds. Such inkulus are referred to as the Hyperxex Group.

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Scientists know that injections have been found in the mud mineral on the entire surface of the uterine.

But there was no water supply of steroids, and it was very small to become.

Initial search suggests that liquid water was located on the body of the outer body whose Everorite was part of it.

Therefore, it is also evidence that material at the surface of the bin was frequently contacted by water, the hydroxyl group would not be found in the minerals.

"The presence of minerals on the ground confirms that benana, the restoration of the initial solar system, examines an investigation," said Dr. Dr. Simon Simon.

Oyster-Rex removed the sample from its surface in 2020 and will bring the Earth three years later.

They found the weight

Research research has been released by the research beneath. On the top of the Atlantic coast, the north and south pole of Streets goes to the distance of seven kilometers.

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The aim of the primary survey should be to determine the success of the uterus, which will help astronomers in both sides.

First, they can determine the structure and structure of the knit. And the weight of the body should also be known that the research must be correctly transferred into the Internet.

Weight effect on the biorrhoids depends on the stereo proposal.

The interior level will be set up till December 31, this will be on next day from February to next day. From the surface, the OSIRIS-REX will be subdivided by two kilometers.

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