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VIDEO Dúbravka and Hamšík coincide: We had good first twenty minutes, but then …


On the left, Slovak goalkeeper Martin Dúbravka, on the right defender Milan Škriniar, in the middle of the Czech striker Patrik Schick shoots goal
On the left, Slovak goalkeeper Martin Dúbravka, on the right defender Milan Škriniar, in the middle of the Czech striker Patrik Schick shoots goal

PRAGUE – Slovak football representatives in Prague did not meet the set goal and on Monday's final match of group 1 of the B-Division of the League of Nations defeated the Czech Republic just 0: 1. The coaches of coach Pavel Hapal failed to build on the previous victory 4: 1 against Ukraine and within the newly created the competitions fell to one level of performance. In the Eden, they also placed the qualification of the Europe 2020 Championship in the third basket at the December Deal.

"It was a tactical match, especially from the Czech side, and they realized that they needed a draw, so they played from a high block, it was very difficult to push in. In the beginning we made the chances but we failed to score. goal as in the first match against the Czech Republic because the opponent played counterattacks, " the goalkeeper Martin Dúbravka expressed his opinion shortly after the end of the duel.

The Slovaks had a good start to the match when they controlled the game and were more active. Marek Hamšík, who presented himself with two missiles from a distance, was all important. In the 12th minute he headed directly from goalie Tomáš Vaclík from behind sixteen and two minutes later the Czech goalkeeper pushed the ball from under the bar to the corner. "We had good first twenty minutes when we put pressure on, we produced some bullets and we kept the ball well, then we started to make less and more damage," Hammic explained.

The decisive moment of the duel came in the 32nd min. The Czech striker Patrik Schick was very well oriented on the offshore lines and was surprised by the pair of Slovenské stopery. Thanks to it he headed for Dúbravka himself and sent the ball to the net. "The defense was high, and there are moments when the player is in a brace, and Schick is a good footballer who has finished his event well," described the situation of Newcastle United goalman.

Since then, domestic footballers have had a psychological advantage and have created other options for changing the score. On the contrary, the Slovaks did not get into the queues despite the territorial dominance. "The Czechs did not offer us a lot of space to leave, leaving only our free-standing defenders free and otherwise they closed it, and we had a big problem and we did not create a tutovka, but in the end we put them under pressure, but that's not enough" the Italian SSC Napoli continued.

The premiere performance of the Slovak football team in the League of Nations was unsuccessful. In four matches, the national team won only three points for a domestic 4: 1 victory over Ukraine. In Lviv, however, he lost just 0: 1 and twice succumbed to the Czech Republic (1: 2 in Trnava and 0: 1 in Prague). As a result, it is the last third in the group and descending to the lower C-Division.

"Feelings are mixed because we take one victory and one loss from doubles, we wanted to succeed in Prague, because the three points would keep us in the B-division and at the same time we would have a simpler position in the qualifier of the European Championship." Dúbravka spoke, which Hamšík added: "We have lost three matches by one goal, football is about the little things that make up, it's a new competition, let's learn from it because every loss can be important in the final settlement."

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