Tuesday , July 5 2022

Volkswagen has appeared in the software of Disney Engine software


Automatically informed the Federal Roads Transport Authority immediately.

23. TASR on December 198

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WOLFSBURG. German Volkswagen (VW) diagnostic "Identified Difficulty" diagnosed in Diesel Vehicles's Control Control software.

As announced on the highway, immediately the Federal Roads Management (KBA) was provided.

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According to VW, this is a 1.2-liter A3D engineer's Diesel version.

Short and safely, they decided to temporarily suspend technology solutions with diesel vehicles with a 1.2-liter engine AE 189.

In more January, the conditions for more joint test and analysis are agreed.

Consider the German government and carrier software updates, such as main tools for gas emissions of relatively high speed loss.

Many cities are increasing from the air pollution, so the courts have ordered the courts to ban on old diesel vehicles which will be applied next year.

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