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Will Germans Forbid SUVs in Cities? Magazine – Auto

Berlin traffic accident Porsche Mackin, whose four pedestrians were killed in Berlin, literally drove into Germany. Greens want to impose entry fees and higher parking fees on the use of SUVs in entry and environmental performance.

Terrorist accident ends in Berlin

Berlin opens terrorist accidents
However sport utility vehicles belong to the city. Currently, they are making
Up to a fifth of new car registrations in Germany.


In an accident, a 42-year-old Porsche Macan driver got into a high-speed car
Pedestrian groups. His one year old boy was killed, he was 64 years old
Granny and two men between 28 and 29 years old. The cause of a tragic accident
Not done yet. Even the German media, explain that the driver
One received an applet and lost control of the vehicle. On Sunday
On September 8, about 500 people worshiped at the scene of the crash
The victim recalled the idea that cars should not be in the works
The basis of the future.

Some of the participants said to Benn, "Let's go."
Motorbike "or" motorbike killing tool ".
However, the politicians did not find the tragic incident. On this side is Stephen Phan Diesel
Greens, mayor of Matterton, where the accident happened
twitteri wrote: "Such cars, such as armored security vehicles to the city
Will do. They are killing, even without dangerous accidents. Every mistake
Diseases are a threat to innocent lives. Similarly, SUVs were not counted
Greens anecdote kayaks, which restrict their movement
In cities.

Their party is co-founded by Rhine Gutn, based in Berlin
Concerned about the transport, it was more forgiving. “We first have to analyze how
Before the tragedy can predict us, "
She said. Opportunity was immediately seized by the conservation organization
Deutsche Umwelthilfe which has gained in recent years
A court order prohibiting old diesel vehicles from entering multiple centers
In German cities. He also stated that the SUV did not belong to the city. And a
Increase in cities and fees from proposed fees to cities
They parking.

Other organizations also talked about the crash. Take for example the largest
German automobile ADAC. “It is not fair to make a mistake, on such a tragic accident
Submitting to the requirements of the transportation policy, ”the spokesman said
Berlin branch Sanera Hus. Discussion about banning the SUV from scratch
In Germany, the registration of a new car is rejected by thirty-five politicians
Christian and Free Democrats (CDU and FDP). Then transport experts
Pointed out that the speed of traffic accidents is higher than that
Car weight "You can't say that an SUV is more dangerous than a V-Polo.
The most moving 50km / h is for humans
The body is mostly covered, "said specialist Siegfried Brockman.

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