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& # 39; Our cat is still changing a lot of times & # 39;

Nika Abruzzi Arbis, a fashion expert and star dance judge, relocated to Slovenia with Mahinz, Mahaj. In the conversation, she told us, among other things, how they were used to live in Slovenia and it is very difficult to deal with change.

Nike Ambrojeva Aruba and Majeja Ambrojevic were accustomed to living in Ljubljana shortly after London.Grandson: miro majid

Nic Abroszak AbbasAnd Matjaž AmbrožičLived in England for 16 years and moved back to Slovenia months ago.Who became a judge The stars are dancingShe says they used to fame quickly, and with a new environment it was a little more difficult than with Gabriella.

"We used to be 1, 2, 3, to wonder if we had any problems with it. It seems to us that change is still the hardest thing for our cat, which is still unclear. We knew we were ours. Of course, we know the environment well in advance, so we keep moving forward as if nothing was done."Say, admitting that she and her husband think of an animal company to their cat.

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"For a while, we were also thinking of providing them with a Dutch company, which I really wanted, but of course we were thinking of a Fell company as well. But in this era, the pace of calving is slowly coming to an end, which we do not want to burden with it. It is not easy From the salon pet cat, she's gotten a cat that catches the mice, in order to gain recognition, and at the same time confronts another cat neighbor who is struggling with her territory. But she flipped and then it was easy."

The couple remains a wonderful monument to London, they will soon be able to escape the British capital. The best fashionistas and experts are taking notice at the same time that some things have disappeared from London, but at the same time she seems to be paying attention.

Nika trusted us to spend the summer in our hometown.Grandson: miro majid

"I get overweight items; cosmetics that are not yet available in Slovenia; I like the fact that you can go for Mexican origin food, because the cooking profession is so big. On the other hand, there is a high quality of Slovenian food. I miss my friends, but in principle I miss nothing. I have a change that has changed, as a person I am very reluctant to look back on. Now here I am, focusing on that environment. London will remain my favorite monument forever, and we will be back there in a few days, so London will not be too far away for us."

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By the show The stars are dancing She had a good stable and spent the summer with her husband in Ljubljana.

"We definitely got our holidays, otherwise we didn't go to Asia, as is the case with us, but I think the best summer of my life is being a tourist in Ljubljana, and it seems like such a special experience. is the. In Ljubljana, having a great heat can be really big; there is so much more to do. The food is wonderful, everyone is in the mood, it can be anytime and Maggie and I spend the summer, which is easy for us, even though we are very busy. But at the same time, we're finally no longer in a rush,"Remember that almost funny smile.

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Although the #TBTpo column often cites memories of past appearances, Nica began a relationship with Linda and her husband Majesty at the time, but there were certainly plans for future and popular nihilism. We do not imagine the show The stars are dancingGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

You can see the full interview with Nice here.

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