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Apple officially launches new iPhones

Because we have been hearing rumors about new earphone features in recent months, the official launch is just a formula. So these are three new models: the iPhone 11, which was replaced by the ESPSR last year, replacing the iPhone 11 Pro with the XPS.

The EMSRR has proven extremely popular because of its personal convenience and the iPhone 11 is virtually the same, with only the presence of a special camera and improved battery life. So the iPhone 11 will have an extra 12 megapixel camera, along with the regular camera, located under a single on the back of the device.

Phone 11 Source: Apple

The processor is the new Apple A13 masterpiece, which is a little bit faster than the A12, and significantly better battery life than the Atomic MS. The Veronal screen still has a speed and light type of 15.5 cm (6.1 in). The color scheme has been updated, with 11 phones available in white and black in addition to yellow, green, purple and red.

The new AF 11 Pro and X Max are the same size, the same size as last year's APSS and ISMS Max, the screen size is 14.7 cm (5.8 inches) and 16.5 sets (6.5 inches). The screen owns a variety of live screens, the quality is still at an extremely high level, although it still screens at a 60Hz refresh rate, while the competition has already begun with high frequency display. Instead, the screen is basically flashing its versatility, which is expected to top 1200.

IPhone 11 Pro Source: Apple

The big novel, then, is the presence of an extra camera, and all three lenses occur under a single bulge. Like the Sony X11, the new lens will have ultra-wide 12-megapixel resolution, but the new software also allows the capture of a single video from a single view and night mode, though tests will have to wait.

Apple will be launching on September 13th, and the first unit will get its way on September 20 to its customers. Starting price for iPhone is 799, for iPhone 11 Pro is 1149 and for iPhone 11 Pro Max is 1200.

Introductory photo: Apple

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