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Brezhice received a health support center


11/6/2018 | 08:00

Center for Health Promotion at ZD Brezice Director Dražen Levojević (photo: Brezice)

Health Support Center ZD Brezice

Brežice – In the area of ​​Brezice, the Health and Health Promotion Center has been enriching the area of ​​prevention and health, which operates in the renovated premises of the building at the football stadium. With the cross-section of the cassette, the doors of the new center were symbolically opened by Brezice Mayor Ivan Molan and the director of Brezice Health Center Dražen Levojević from Brežice.

According to Levojević, the center focuses on modernizing and developing preventative programs in the local community to provide users with more types of field activities to bring them closer together. In this context, he emphasized the improved activity of nursing nurses, newborns and children, improved activities to address obesity in children, counseling on patron care in local communities, specific measures for access to motor and sensory barriers at the center, and specific measures for access to vulnerable target populations for preventive activities that also apply to users with chronic diseases such as diabetes, the press release said.

Mayor Molan said that the center in the village is necessary and important for citizens because the village is in proportion to the age structure of the population and the risk of disease above the Slovenian average, which also gives the city a lower development index compared to the others. He was pleased to have received European and national money, which helped create a center and new health and prevention jobs. However, it wants to see as many people as possible who can participate in the activities that will be available within the Health Promotion Center, as they will make their health and wellbeing as much as possible.

The Health Promotion Center performs individual counseling and preventive health education seminars and activities aimed at strengthening health and reducing health inequalities in the local environment. In doing so, it is associated with companies, working organizations, educational institutions, and can write to everyone who can help improve their health.

The central team aims to attract social vulnerabilities and other vulnerable user groups to the activities, otherwise the workshop is dedicated to the Health Care Center for all citizens and citizens who want to learn more about healthy lifestyles and factors that may have an adverse health effect or exacerbate existing diseases. Workshops are run by a professionally qualified interdisciplinary team that includes graduate nurses, kinesiologists, psychologists and dieticians.

Brežice Health Center was one of 25 respondents in Slovenia selected on the basis of a selection procedure of the Ministry of Health for the selection of operations "Modernizing and Developing Preventive Programs and Their Implementation in Primary Health Care and the Local Community". He has earned a good amount of 365 thousand euros, which he has been allocated to work in the center and to the necessary equipment to perform the activities. The municipality of Brezhice, however, has requested a part of the tender for the co-financing of investment in premises and equipment. The value of construction works and equipment amounts to approximately EUR 90 000 and most of them 73 000 people contributed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and the rest of the city.

The opening program was joined by Janja Rostohar and the cultural program was prepared by the members of the Mažoretková společnost z Dobová and young singer Eva Julija Borovšak, wrote in the village Brežice.

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