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Older people

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November 7, 2018 at 13:49
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The day care center for the elderly was opened Tuesday at Polanščan's residence in the center of Turnišče. In a renovated house, the cost of the reconstruction was 140,000 euros, day care will be provided to the home of the older Rakicans.

Polanšč's manor house, built in 1929, is protected as a cultural monument but was worn out. In 2016, a garden and a building began to be cleaned, while the residential area was rebuilt into a day center for the elderly. They now have a kitchen, a dining room, a bathroom, a rest room, a bathroom, a living room and an interpatient space.

Županja in the village of Turnišče and the candidate for Vesna Jerala Mayor Zverova said at the beginning that they would learn, socially entertain, learn and create in the Polanščan farms in the future and will be dedicated to all generations in the village.

Director of the older house Rakican Zoran Hoblaj stressed that, according to the demographic criteria, Slovenia is among the most exposed that the age structure of the population will change dramatically. According to forecasts, more than 20% of European citizens will age 65 or more in 2025, and in particular the number of older people aged over 80 will increase.

Day care in day centers is one of the alternative forms of care for the elderly, which is well developed in Western European societies. As Hobble said, it is also a winning combination for all, because the elderly remain in their home environment, their relatives have guaranteed protection for their parents, and the local community offers a service that is cheaper and more accessible to the public.

The home of older residents Rakičan takes care of institutional care, home help in the nine municipalities of Pomurska, lunches, offers market services such as homework and transport, the first in Slovenia to develop a network of day centers in the region. They are already in Mursce Sobota, at St. George, Turnik is the third. It will soon open in Bakov and next year in Tisina.

Daily protection costs will be less than 15 euros and will be put into operation as soon as they have enough news.

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