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HIV was shown in the face of reality

Private arc Has been infected with HIV for a week. In recent times, the rumors have re-ignited, they attribute this to the bitter or universal character that has given her plenty of anxiety and anxiety. Determined to eliminate disturbing styles, he publicly disclosed that something was a while ago.

Relationship to a sensitive partner

In fact the former taking part in the show bar, he was a true clip. The accident happened after he learned that his former partner was infected with HIV. "Obviously, I had to face it all over again in my life. I had a guy with me who hid my infection," Najjar confirmed to us, the performance he had to endure on the social network.

"I never thought I'd meet her. Many nights, constant worry and sadness, compelling scenarios that I don't even know if I could explain. Shared events are one of the former partners. But now I talk about them. I decided, because I didn't think I deserved it, " The private story began and explained that his former partner had admitted to him that he had been positive in the middle of the night.

"After his admission, I wondered if I could wait in the fierce trial and be thrown to trial three times. Don't forget that I was flogged and kicked in the worst of situations and repelled for the worst. Luckily, all the results were unexpected, so I'm healthy! Each time I waited for the result, I was shaking and my thoughts were pretty black – this is the best school in my life that I would love to have. Luckily, my friends and my colleague Ronnie are true to me, who have been protecting my story but now I have to emphasize it. " Private concluded, insisting that he take appropriate action against the forces in the future.

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