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In the United States, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine recommends booster dose


Vaccines from Johnson and Johnson.  Photo: Reuters

Vaccines from Johnson and Johnson. Photo: Reuters

The FDA recently approved the booster dose of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

In the USA, only three vaccines mentioned are in use, only one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and the doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are sufficient for each.

For Johnson & Johnson, the FDA’s External Advisory Board recommends booster dose at least months after the first dose of months, but for those over the age of 18, while for two yen vaccines, it is only for those vaccines. Recommends for those over 65 and over. At risk covid-19 for a severe or severe course of disease.

The recommendation is now decided by the YFDA management, which is not obliged to follow the advice of the Advisory Committee, and has done so in the Centers for Infection Disease Control (CDC).

The FDA is also considering reducing the recommended lifespan for up to 40 years of Pfizer booster dose.

In late September, Slovenia Johnson suspended vaccination with a vaccine after a young patient died of vaccine vaccination.

In Denmark, a booster meal will be available to anyone

In Denmark, authorities will allow residents to vaccinate the vaccine with the third dose of 19 vaccines, the Danish Ministry of Health announced on Friday. Magnus HyunkyGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

In the coming months, approximately 1.5 million people in Denmark are expected to receive a booster dose. The goal is for all citizens to receive a third dose six or eight months after the dose dose, Hunky said.

In Denmark, those with a weakened immune system and nursing homes have been vaccinated since September with booster dose. In the coming weeks, the possibility of booster dose vaccination will initially be wiped out by people over the age of 65, as well as employees in the health sector and nursing homes, he announced.

Due to vaccination coverage in September, Denmark was the first European Union member country to overturn sanctions imposed by authorities to stop the spread of the new Corona virus. According to the Danish Health Authority, 85.4% of people over the age of 12 have been vaccinated with vaccine drugs. The third diet so far is given by 2.2 percent of Denmark’s population.

In Russia, the situation in the field of covida-19 is worsening.  Photo: EPA

In Russia, the situation in the field of covida-19 is worsening. Photo: EPA

The first 1000 euros in Russia – 1000 wk death

Meanwhile, in Russia, over 1,000 deaths have been confirmed in one of the koiid-19 patients on the last day after the outbreak of the first new corona virus outbreak. According to official data, 33,208 new infections and 1,002 co-19 deaths were confirmed. The death toll and infection cases have risen for the third consecutive day.

Nevertheless, according to the Gogov web site, which collects data on KYOD-19 from Russian-Russian regions, R 31-31 percent of the population is now fully vaccinated.

The French news agency AFP reported that vaccination has almost stopped in the country, and some steps and restrictions have been introduced to prevent the spread of the infection.

Due to the lack of strict restrictions, the virus was successful in spreading, although PCT certification int y was introduced in many areas to make it accessible to the public.

Despite the low levels of vaccination coverage in the country, the Kremlin rejects the rodu yer introduction of stricter sanctions and insists that authorities ensure it. “The economy keeps working”. He adds that the Russian health care system is ready to increase the number of false patients and is not a burden, AFP reports.

Although several vaccines have been available in Russia for months, authorities are still trying to convince those who are skeptical about vaccination. Free elections show that more than half of the population does not intend to be vaccinated.

Hey, the updated covid-19 death toll is 222,315 in Russia, making Russia the country with the highest death toll in Europe.

However, appeals for deaths related to the new Corona virus based on the broader definition of death, the Rosstat Statistical Agency, said last week that more than 400,00019 Codec patients in Russia had died by the end of August.

In Russia, a thousand more ovidic cavity patients die in one day

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