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Italian people who lose themselves during engagements are still being sought today

The 74-year-old was found lost in the Italian area during a spring in the Army area on Wednesday and the search, which was interrupted at midnight, did not bear fruit, the search for the missing man continues today. If you have any information about the missing, please report it to 113.

Police in Nova Guerica say the 74-year-old Italian was found missing yesterday in Long, near Wojosovo. As reported yesterday, the 74-year-old Foley area started early yesterday morning. – Julian's approval.

The officer found that an Italian yesterday, arrived at Calhoun Nun's army area, with two friends aged 70 and 72, to assemble the Eastern. The men drove up to one of the apartments in the apartment, then climbed the roadway onto the VV and headed to the nearest boat where they were staying.

The 74-year-old lost himself in another in the military. (Symbolic image)Photo: Shutterstock

The missing friends returned the vehicle at 2 a.m., but disappeared, so they called him on the phone and the missing person told them he had arrived at a location and injured himself in the wounds. He said he was in pain in that area and therefore did not walk. He also lost his acquaintance and didn't know where he was.

The last contact at 5.15pm disappeared, saying that Rona had injured himself in the middle, but was unable to contact again, despite delayed reopening efforts.

On Thursday, under the leadership of Idris police officers, a widespread search operation was launched in the region of Arya and the area on demand for the area joined, and the police PG Viejo, PGD Vesavo Idrija and P JD Adeja GS Tailman, MPH Reefforce, with rescue dogs and many locals, up to 50 people.

The search also included officers from the General Police Directorate, who investigated the drone area, but did not suspend the operation, despite all activities yesterday, then stopped the night operation.

According to Nova Gorka Police Station, the search for the missing person continues today, except for Adrija police officers, Nova Gorka police unit police officers and police officers from Nova Gorka's Maine-SS Police Dog Service Unit, PGD Spodja Adrija. And PGD Idrija) rescued the survivors as well as the RSS Tolian and ZRPS.

Police ask anyone who gives information to the Idrija Police Station police officers to find out anything about the disappearance of a 74-year-old Italian citizen (Grogorosieva 5, 5280 Adrija, telephone: (05) 372 48 00Email Or report to the nearest police station or call an unidentified police emergency number 113But an anonymous police phone 080 1200General Chat Chat Lounge

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