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The economic uncertainty has a negative impact on social health.

Discussion on the interests and disadvantages of the bank, has been compiled on political discussions for two years in the island, at the time it has helped to divide this family and communities and is expected to have a resort to livelihoods that are beyond the influence of Brussels and Brussels later than Then the relationship will not agree.

By then, the state was not influenced by the state's influence on Britain's mental health or the uncertainty. That is why according to the FJ News Agency, researchers have been told that researchers from London's Royal College are working on it.

Brexit | Author: Professor


In a study, on June 23, 2016, when a generation referendum would occur, and later, in the 326 polling district of England, the monthly data of Antidensensants was tested and addresses other drugs. .

Survey: The uncertainty of Broxite

The researcher, the fact is that the result of a refinement about the very uncertainty about the impact of British economy and society is interested in interest in whether it is expressed in more use of waste.

The study has been counted for the first time the daily dose fixed by the organizers – it is a routine maintenance that the patient has received for a common drug or general drug in a day, so in a suitable competition with other types of medicines. Make sure

More than 13.4% of honored honors

On this basis, the results have come to an end that increase 13.4 percentage of the volume of antidepressants that were offered in comparison to other prescribed doses.

Though the referendum results difficult to connect with the use of zinc, the fact was that it was important for the use of other prescription medicines, by the FFJ linear professor in the Royal College and Harvard.

Sutirus vindors

. It has also been noted that more than a dozen indications that economic uncertainty can negatively affect mental health.

"The person's fiscal is related to the poor poor health related to the future and the concerns about the future. Any incident that creates a negative impact and anxiety"

Added vendor.

The study has also been pointed out that the results should not yet mean that the environment of the British nation has become worse than the reform on the brexet. For example, the quick turnover of Bexlight may have been seen that it has been much better after the vote of their vote.

However, vandors have pointed out that the referendum's boring result and misery have been followed.

He studied this study writer, epidemologes and community journalist in the journal journal, so it is a matter of fact that the government comes consulting on mental health, the government in London should have a lot of things in the unrealistic situation.

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