Thursday , October 6 2022

Scientist has warned that spin flu can be re-released


250,000 to 500,000 people die each year due to influenza, and some of them have different philosophies every year. Depending on the ability of virus mutations and it is always present in nature, experts agree that it is only time consuming that a stiffness appears to be the case of spin influenza.

"Flu Podium is like earthquake, storm, and tsunamis, they are located, and some are worse than others", said Michael Aster Hashim, research director for integration of the monocytic university. Additionally, it is accurately presented that it will begin when it starts or how will the podium appear?

Dr. Robert Weberter, United States Medicine, Dr. Robert Weberter, said that the World Science Organization Organization (WPA) ignores regular regulatory virus and its development, it is difficult to monitor and inspect an animal, Vector-generated viral viruses can occur.

Viruses, indeed, can get out of control, and then spread rapidly, maybe a few weeks later, according to Professor Gerard Chowell, professor of epidemiology of the US State University. "Influenza is one of those viruses, when it comes to a sensitive population, expands very quickly."

Especially due to the number of people living in the world, more than six hundred years, sickness and dead will be a big number. If 50 million people died at that time, they were now more than 200 million, he explained.

The number of the wolf can not be divided even in the whole world. Those who are more affected by most of these worst teams, will not have access to the poor and their basic basis. These countries gave valuable health services, for example, focused on the US.

According to investigations of epidemiology of the Dankick University Roskilde Lone Simonsen, the podium is a great way to prevent vaccine.

Autromolm has warned that the virus should be known for the first time, be born to Vaccine and divide into the world, which is taking a long time. Preparing enough vaccines for everyone is ineffective. "In the first nine nine nine months, only two percent of the world's world can be reached to reach vaccine."

In this regard, be careful that today the clinics are just 60 percent successful. This problem is with one of the medicines, because they do not collect the fact that in the case of a pandemic, insulating fluid snacks.

If a legend creates, Osama Ham quotes that he is also the abortion of society, as schools and businesses will be closed, will not publicly work. Soon there will be a problem with access to the food. He said that more than self-determination, there would be serious effects of flu.

Scientists did not restore the development of spin influenza only in 2005 when they were able to get virus samples. The basic feature was that the virus cured rapidly, whose body was prevented by stabilizing cyclone fluctuations. It is a bad shape to stop smoking as a cellular cell has been activated, which protects relievocytes, and they further activate blood vessels. Due to excessive activity in the body, then there is a systematic deterioration in the body. Because adult is greater or better than ever-preserving system, researchers believe, therefore, Spanish influenza was executed by them.

In the following decades of Spin Influenza, scientists have created numerous fans who help limit the typhoon storm, but these treatments are not present. So, in fact, more than 100 years ago, the Witnesses are not better in the war against storm, warning Astrolog.

An alien can also be stopped by influenza influenza voice. This topic already has many evidences, some scientists hope to see one in this area. "But we are not yet," the end veteran.

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