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The sign fell from the Asloan boat

IZOLA – If someone was watching an hour in the middle of the Slovakian coast between Belgrade and the White Rock movies in the Ayala Municipality of Ebola Municipality, this scene would be as if it were a Hollywood movie. I was why the 42-year-old driver suddenly got in the boat, and then the boat went to Boulevard and beyond at Wolf Rock. And sat down. The only thing that shows that he was still human, was the loud music from the speaker in the old pot a few moments ago.

The search was canceled at 12.19pm when the missing person entered the marina in Aizawl.

One of the occupants noticed and was right that there was something wrong with the driver or he got into the sea and drowned. "At 12.05am, a boat was struck in the municipality of Aurola between Belvedere and White Rock, and this person was reported missing." They wrote on the rescue website for the protection and protection of the Republic of Slovenia. Representatives of the Maritime Administration, police, Copper fire brigade and various types of copper ports were immediately activated. The search for the driver of the lost boat began but was soon stopped. "The search campaign was canceled at 12.19pm, as the missing person was sailing along the coast of Azola."

He was in the open air of 1.19 milligrams of alcohol.

Yes, that's true. Six men, found hollow areas on dry land, and were soon charged with offshore crime. After talking to him, it was confirmed that he had a drink in his bike, given an alcohol test, he was given 1.19 milligrams of alcohol per liter of distilled air or 2.47 p.m.

It started only after twelve days when a man became a navy. He made some turns and lost his balance and was not lying in the sea due to a lot of cold conditions. The Harbor Master's Office issued him a payment order.

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