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This Slovenian new company is looking for hundreds of new employees

With the reorganization structure, they want to provide conditions for long-term growth and development.

Gorenge, part of the reorganization of business operations, last month cut the employment economy by 60 workers, resulting in increased demand, increased productivity, increased production, needed more new workers in production. These are the 100 workers that will start work in September, a Gorenge representative said Most of Denis.

As stated further today about the ASA, they were offered jobs in production for all of the above-mentioned workers, but only a fraction of them accepted the offer.

New workers will be hired for a set amount of time, but they all need their ventilage plants, but most of all in washing and washing products, because now it's the season for supplies.

Roads in progress

Regarding the restructuring of business operations, Gorenzi initially suggested that parent companies in Valencia would have an increase of 270 workers and then reduce the number to 60. It has employees in manufacturing-related states such as warehousing operators, equipment manipulators and quality controllers.

In Long Term Procedures, Gorenage 1393, Offered Employees Due to Changes in New Organizations, Organization, Title or Job Description. In doing so, they retained existing wages and other rights.

Guangzhou, a Chinese corporation with Hesse for the past year, has stated that he wants to provide long-term growth and development conditions through arrangements. They include restoration and improvement of operations not only limited to parent companies, but also to all subsidiaries and business units in the country.

Guernsey management is working to build a new television factory that will soon employ as many as 1,000 employees. In the first phase, there are plans to produce two million television sets a year, and then they will produce a couple.

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