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Zahir's apology means: & # 39; It was so bad, even worse! & # 39;

NZ Marlborough Sports Director Zlukoh Zwickk apologized to fans for his statements a week after the match play against Tabor Sizana, when Arpel scored his first victory in the Nationals.

"We have allowed a situation where every club can insult clubs and gangs. I will not allow this now. A few people will never come to the club. Will not miss out on the NZ Mirror in Mardikini and Makaleau. No NR Meribs in Norwalk and Maclau! Thanks for the support goes to Viacom, "Is a championship match after which he is a coach Dark MillikanPresents allowed, but Zolfo appearanceNot accepted evening Said apparently. "There will be no ordinary citizens in Nr Marbie! Sisters who played at the club and then did not get a chance to whistle because they were not of good quality. In Narsik and Maclau there will be no NR Merib, the citizens of Maribb will be NR Merib. He is the most successful bench tax on the bench in history. What is normal? This is a corruption issue"Weeks after a week, he was apologized for his statements," said the director of the purple game.

Dark Milanik and Zalukoh ZahovicGrandson: al-josha kriwaja

"Dear fan! I believe I have fully embraced the composition. It was too bad, even more descriptive. I didn't intend to offend anyone; I sincerely apologize to anyone who has been hurt by my inappropriate words., "Reports Zuivik to the club's website, which includes:"You all know that I'm either one of us or usGeneral Chat Chat Lounge "

The dust emerged the most from the statements of Zahavek, describing the inappropriate and offensive of the president by the Norwegian Local Government.The Bishop of JosephAnd the mayor of the municipality of Miklavž Egon RepnikAlso speaking, President of NR Makolaws Miran JeevanGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

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