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Draw in the first eighth – now waiting to return to Gothenburg | Gothenburg Post


Since Roger Rönnberg entered and became the Frölund coach, the club's goal was clear.

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"We will win all the tournaments we have chosen".

There have been two victories in the championship league champions, but last season it ended in the final match. Czech Liberec became too strong and Frölund broke out after the extension in Frölundaborg.

Failure for Frölund, who also went straight into play-off SHL against Malmö.

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Swiss Lugano was even better for Frölund. Ryan Lasch fired Rhett Rakhshani, who missed. Rakhshani played Joel Lundqvist, but Elvis Merzlikin rescued him.

The first time was a fight against Frölund, who created a chance to run.

Tim Söderlund came free, but was missing, Sebastian Stålberg did not come back and the first season ended painlessly thanks to Elvis in Lugano's goal.

The second season also began with Frölund. Leadership would be over, and Ponthus Westerholm released the brothers Pathrick, who cheated Elvis on the stalls before he could put the puck in an open cage.

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But at the end of the second season Lugano will return. When Gregory Hofmann tried to go to the kitchen, Henrik Haapal was able to attack the puck through several nearby Frölund players.

Most important Frölunda player was Patrik Carlsson, who made a spectacular block. Pangskott, however, took a rib and a post that showed a video test. Otur for Carlsson, the more beautiful for Elvisa and his teammates in Lugano.

Kristoffer Gunnarsson made an unnecessary expulsion with just two minutes and 54 seconds to the left of the match. Expulsion that could have been costly for Frölund.

But a few more goals did not go into the match. Then Roger Rönnberg was disappointed that his player was better off targeting.

"Throughout the game, it is a match we win if we score with us, it is the last point missing, but we will play the game and we have found things in our game that will take us to take over Lugano," he continues.

"I think the guys are doing a bad start of the match and playing the final hockey. They increase the intensity that has worsened since last week.

"Tror is more about goal-oriented training for a long time with Martin.

The return to Lugano is scheduled for November 20 in Frölundaborg. Only then will we know whether there will be matches in the ice hockey championship for Frölund or whether it will be respected again this year.

"It's a great starting position, it was a difficult escape and we knew it, and now we have to be humble to realize that we have to make Lugano home, we might look bad, and they might look bad, but in Frölund we want high CHL and the goal is to win absolutely, "says Roger Rönnberg.

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