Sunday , July 3 2022

Due to every minute, weaker people make it easy to move


General health in Sweden has a high degree of population, which is relatively healthy, healthy and long-lived. The development in research was set up, in which 20 years has increased the rate of illness in the evolution of illness. This is our biggest reason for death.

But now there is a danger of living our lives, to achieve success by avoiding successful feet. Estimates of the Swedish proportion have been estimated since the 1980s, and the National Public Survey Survey in 2018, 54% of the poor people say they are fat or pearl. Recent, a comprehensive evaluation showed that almost a dangerous poor condition of all 18-79 years of Sweden, and today young young people are less physically active than European Union.

In addition, the study of the population of the heart-lung fountain shows that the health is a class problem. Education in 50-64 years of living areas is less and less economically affected by the dangers of dangerous threats, such as obesity, diabetes and blood pressure.

The good news is that we all have the power to increase this negative growth – and it's not so difficult. The researcher shows that physically active people reduce their risk of heart disease by 30% and the new American report states that every time a physical activity is counted. "Health benefits start immediately by the training, and still there is a difference in the short-term physical activity," writes the editor. The Department of Health and Human Services is in the development of recent research.

There is a way to make people easier to grow, which is a way to reduce the cost of health and increase equality. When poor people feel better and have to stay for longer. This is not least important for children and young people. If the best exercise habits can be set up in the initial life, potentially actively functioning actively in two ways.

Therefore, the Heart-lung Foundation Foundation gave information regarding the benefits of running on Municipal, Council Councils, Companies and Schools of Silimin. At the same time, each guardian can create a potentially tremendous and healthy change in the daily life of a long and healthy life. By every minute.

Kristina Sparreljung

Secretary General of the Muni Center

John Nelson

Chairman of the Research Council of Hjrtr-Lungfonden

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