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Emma Molin takes over Guldbaggegalan


The Grotesco profile takes on the prestigious mission of Petra Mede, who went to TV4

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Emma Mohlin leads the Guldbaggegalan.


Emma Molin is the new program manager for Guldbaggegalan at SVT.

Grotesco's profile was taken over by Petra Mede, who successfully succeeded for four consecutive years – but has now gone to TV4.

"It's a small suicide mission," Emma said laughingly.

It will be Emma Molin, 39, which takes over the Golden Baggegal host at SVT.

The Grotesco profile has gained a prestigious mission afterwards Petra Mede In spring, SVT went to TV4 and led the Star of Stars initiative.

Petra Mede fought for four years in a row, but Emma Molin did not have to hesitate to take over.

– Of course, I've always thanked you. I will not think about it later, and maybe I would do it instead, "Emma Molin said.

What do you mean?

"Well, that's a small suicide mission. It's really easy to take over the former successful program leader, something that's so well-established and everyone has a picture of it.

Think about moving your audience

She did not ask her predecessor for advice or tips.

– No, I know Petra Mede a bit, it's wonderful, but I did not talk about it. I can not relate to it, but I have to do what I find fun. I think about exhibitions, gala and parties.

A Swedish actor and audience in the audience expects to end up in Emmy Molin's humorous shotgun.

"It's ridiculous fun to show people in front of me, Petra has shown that it's going well, so we'll see where we're going, but maybe they'll need a little too good, okay," she says with a smile.

Metoo and the highest live part of Swedish film

Emma Molin has previously programmed with Grammisgalan Amanda Ooms, This summer's "Summer in P1," and in the autumn she was very attentive to the Grotesco episode "Ladies Night," where a humorous group was involved in dealing with female comedians.

Touching the Metoo movement in the upcoming Guldbaggegalan is obvious to her.

– Yes, it's something you always carry with you as a woman in this industry and it's always high. The anniversary of #tystettagning is approaching and it is still a movement that lives to the fullest extent possible. But if I want to pick it up, or if it's different, then we did not think about it. But it's still a live part of Swedish film, "says Emma Molin.

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