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Imo the hero when the derby kicks off against the AIK


AIK has done so, Djurgården and also Hammarby women. Now it was the turn of the men of Hamburg to abandon the house for the first time without restriction since the roof had been removed from the roof.

It was noted this Sunday.

At noon, southern perennial cafes were painted green and white in southern Stockholm. At the same time, thousands of supporters from the Midburger Plattons to the Tale 2 are taking on the classic march that is also usually performed at the premiere of each season.

On a the aero field, there were 29,137 supporters on site and the enthusiastic atmosphere on Tele2 can be challenging.

Football then? It was, however, so early. The first half-hour was marked by intense fighting – but not by low teams’ speed. Shortly after, the hot spot from the match came when Akinkemi arrived at the S position position in the penalty area but the shot was covered by an AIK guard.

Hamburg fans are back in full numbers on Tele2.

Hamburg fans are back in full numbers on Tele2.

Photo: Claudio Bresciani / TT

With just over five bucks Minutes left until the break, it was AIK’s turn. So Nabeel Bahoui, who has been noted for four goals in the last four games, caught a high ball from the back of Hamburg’s back row but did not reach the left end, instead saving goalkeeper David Ostad.

“It was a ball from Bilal Hussein and a save, but I could do better,” said Baha’i Discovery during the half-time interval.

After a weak play by Mysore, AIK’s Irishman Albozidi again got a free kick but he was unable to get the ball into the net and ended the first half without a goal.

– There are a lot of obstacles on the inter and back and we don’t get any real flow in the game. It is approved but nothing is certain, said Hammarbybacken Mohanad Jeahze in a dedicated interview.

Both teams were beaten for various reasons for winning the derby. AIK was not going to lose ground in the top battle when Malm weekend defeated Suthersand over the weekend. Hammarby because the team has not won against AI or AIK since the fall of 2019.

And in the 58th minute, the deadlock was finally broken when Gustav Ludwigsen recorded the ball from left-hander to Akanakimi Imo who could easily have scored his seventh goal in Allsvenskan.

Derby middle Hammarby and AIK finished 1-0 to the home team.

Derby middle Hammarby and AIK finished 1-0 to the home team.

Photo: Maxim Thor / Blackberry

After the objective persists With only 20 minutes left to create the Hamburger Risk and playing, Ludwigson was close to getting on the lead and the Austrians took the place of Selmani then had a ball in the goal but the striker was turned away for the offside.

Sault Steimani also had extra goal chances without getting the ball. AIK in exchange never managed to score a goal and is still on the table after the loss at the same points as Malm ۽ and Djurgården at the same points, with a match from City opponent Djurgården.

From the part of the hemorrhoids, the victory meant that the team was now seven points behind AIK and that a European jerk was still alive.

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