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Ipad Pro 2018 Test – Apple released the best


Test: The best Ipad in the world – yet it's just an opportunity

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As the Apple iPad Pro desktop board has always been good. But can it replace the notebook?

The new Ipad Pro is really the best – but what happens to all these things, asks's technical expert.

Apple has been producing Ipady for over eight years, but exclusive Pro models have announced their entry three years ago. In the following years, they aggressively promoted two variants of the iPad against two completely different viewers: one for family mice on the couch and the other for professional users.

The usual option is low enough to compete with Android competitors, and it's just enough to keep up with the best gemstone tablets.

The Pro Series, on the other hand, is quite different. Already from the first model that came in 2015, Apple liked that Ipad Pro is considered a working tool that can compete with laptops and not just the Netflix screen you can have on the couch.

This year's iPad Pro draws this strategy as far as possible. It's probably an odd luxury from the beginning and after a scratch and a price that exceeds $ 22,000, Apple has clearly shown that these are not iOS and Android tablets that they want to call without full blooded laptops.

But is it really enough hardware than ever before, or does it still feel like "just" the iPad?

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The edges are thinner and the new Ipad Pro now has the same size as A4 paper.

Fantastic screen

The Ipad Pro version in 2018 has received the greatest design change we've seen in any previous Apple model. And that says a lot when the product is really just a big screen with a border.

The new 11-inch beam has the same size as the 10.5-inch screen predecessor. The 12.9-inch has the same screen size as the model from last year, but with a significantly smaller design thanks to its new narrow edges.

The 12.9-inch dimensions are now A4 sized and considerably thinner than the predecessor.

Apple has retained the same screen technology we liked our predecessor with a 120 Hz refresh rate for silk movement and animation and color accuracy that others can measure.

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The new Ipad Pro screen has rounded edges.

Circular edges

Apple also calls this screen for display "Liquid Retina Display" as well as in Iphone Xr, which is the hard way for the company to say that the screen has rounded edges. This was achieved by substituting the individual masks on each pixel in the corner for their brightness, and by using the edge trimming software, the corners must look rounded.

In practice, it looks as good as OLED panels with round edges as they were used on Iphone Xs and Xs Max.

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12.9 inches are 15 percent thinner than before. That's obvious.

Top shelf design

Ipad Pro margins have become flat, almost sharp, and in combination with the cosmic gray color our test sample has given us almost a bit of brutal association.

Since the frames have diminished and are now evenly distributed across the screen, the home button has disappeared. How we recognize from Iphone. To unlock the tablet, use the face sensor hidden at the top of the iPad, the Apple Face Sensor, which works very well.

In the same area, there is also a light sensor that uses a tabletop to capture the surrounding light around you to adjust color tones as well as a standard 8 megapixel front camera.

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The Ipad Pro camera stands out far, but surprisingly, the board is still on the table.

The back is completely flat, interrupted by a relatively strong camera cushion in the upper corner, which protrudes significantly. Apple used the same camera as Ipad Pro last year, but at least you got the benefits of the new Apple image processor that it introduced with the new Iphone.

Despite the large camera hub, Ipaden is happily stable on the desk.

Surfboard is equipped with two speakers at the top and two at the bottom and the stereo sound adjusts the direction you hold the Ipad. The volume of the sound is surprisingly high on the max, even at 11 inches, but if you're really interested in the sound, it's 12.9-inch, which has the best speakers.

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Apple's smart keyboard is connected through three connectors on the back of the Ipad Pro.

The edition of the Ipad Pro is equipped with five microphones in 2018 that adapt to the way you hold the Ipad for recording stereo sound.

Still: Apple has removed the headphone input in both versions of this year's Ipad Pro. Just like in this year's Iphone models, it was also unable to send the adapter.

You either have to buy separately, or you can use wireless headphones. Quite annoying, especially for something sold as a product for musicians, among others.

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Here is the usual release of Wifi Ipad Pro 12.9 ".

Another, more positive thing, is that Apple, in the same bang, has decided to get rid of the flash connector at the bottom in favor of USB C devices. This is the same type of contact that Macbooks are equipped with, and so many other notebooks on the market .

This opens up a variety of different accessories, such as mobile chargers, and charging a cell phone from the Ipades. But you can not connect an external hard drive – iOS 12 does not want to know. Everything he wants to import is pictures and videos, only through memory cards and Apple's own photos only.

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How to match the new Ipad Pro application if you are trying to connect an external hard drive.

Extreme performance

During the launch of Ipad Pro, Apple announced that their new tablet had better performance than 90 percent of laptops on the market. Thanks to the brand new processor, the Bionic A12X delivers significantly better performance than the predecessor and twice as good graphics performance. We already thought our predecessor was fast, so what more can we get here?

Well, we started performing several performance tests and it was really obvious to Ipad Pro Yippee one best machine.

In pure CPU performance, the predecessor skips and manages better than the Macbook Pro 2018's own. Geekbench 4 simultaneously measures single-sided performance and multiple kernels at the same time, and results are significant in both tests.

1 of 2 | Photo:

Multicore performance measurement with Geekbenchem 4.

The eight-core Bionic A12X processor is capable of simply calling out extreme performance. Several times, we took the exam, immediately after each other, to see if heat generation dampened the test results, but after five tests it also scored the same impressive result. Being a processor chip made for a tablet without cooling in the form of fans or dedicated air holes is at least impressive.

As far as battery life is concerned, Apple's battery will provide a battery life of 9 to 10 hours. The battery is full of 9720 mAh and in practice it's certainly possible to keep the board as long as Apple promises. If you play a lot or just sit down and process heavy videos, the battery life drops considerably to roughly 4-5 hours, but it will take ten hours for normal or easy use.

A small sparrow blade with a gun

The big question is what to do with all these things when the product is still running, which is a virtually enlarged mobile operating system.

It should be mentioned that Apple has done many Ipad operating systems in recent years and iOS 12 is much more flexible and more suitable for multitasking than a few years ago.

Ipad Pro now also uses the same finger movements as we know from the new iPhone models: drag your finger up and close the app. Swipe down to get to the dock or move a bit down to get an overview of all active applications.

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The flash input is exchanged for USB C.

Sweep at the bottom of the screen allows quick exchange between apps. Classic finger movements where you can switch between the four finger applications or close five of them, but feel almost redundant.

You can also run several applications simultaneously side by side in several different ways. Be right next to each other or floating over other applications. When you get used to it, it works quite well.

By attaching an expensive $ 2,349 Apple keyboard, you can also use keyboard shortcuts like app switch commands and cmd search.

In specific situations, there is no doubt that Ipad Pro works well. For example, if you are an illustrator, there are a number of cool cartoons for the iPad – whether it's Procreate or one of many Adobe options. Combined with the new Apple Apple Pencil, you have great combinations.

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The third generation Ipad Pro has a new design.

Apple eventually rejected the miserable way to charge the last pen and the pen is now recharged wirelessly when you plug it into Ipad. So you do not have to worry about losing your pen, and you never have to worry about helping it.

It also has a flat long side for better grip, and you can double tap the bottom 2/5 pieces of the pen to change to the gum (or something else if you want).

Overall, it works incredibly well. The Ipad Pro 120hz screen itself makes it one of the best options for an illustrator, because there is virtually no delays between pen and pen where the pen appears. He must be almost experienced to be understood.

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The new Apple Pencil is a great pride.

Note that you can not use the old Apple Pencil on the new Ipad Pro, or on a newer version of Ipad Pro, or on this standard iPad. If you want to sign, you have to exclude another 1495 crowns.

However, other types of Ipad Pro work are much more difficult than if you did it on a computer. It's so simple. You can often get with Ipaden – anyway – but it would be faster and easier with your computer.

You can edit the images, but not the same as on your computer. You can edit your videos (and it probably works much faster than your computer!). But you still have to use relatively limited software like Apple Imovie or Adobe Rush.

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The keyboard works well but needs to be purchased separately.

I asked Apple if they had plans to customize their professional options for Final Cut for Ipad Pro, but they should not comment. Of course.

You can write documents or present presentations with both text and pictures, but the operating system is heavier than if you had a mouse. The list can be long.

Can you work on Ipad Pro? Maybe. Will it be faster and better on your computer? Still, yes.

Conclusion – does not replace your computer

It's easy to enjoy the Ipad Pro 2018 version because the hardware itself is a masterpiece. It's a wire mesh and looks like a lekker than any previous Ipad, and the raw power Apple has managed to print in such a small format is simply impressive.

The big screen is bright and crazy and menus, games and movies look amazing.

This is one but a huge thing that keeps Ipad Pro as a replacement for your notebook: operating system. And as an extension, the application offer is too narrow and limited. Although the iPad for iPad has improved over the years, there are still too many limitations when compared to MacOS or Windows devices.

With prices starting at $ 9,965 for the cheapest and smallest Ipad Pro and a thrilling trip up to $ 22,495 for a 12.9-inch with 4G connections and 1TB storage, it's clear that Apple wants the Ipad Pro site in the same category as most laptops.

It is too early. You can do a lot with Ipad Pro, sometimes you can even do more with Ipad Pro than with your computer, but it's still just Ipad.

We held inches that Apple is making some major changes to iOS 13 because with the right software, Ipad Pro can be an extremely exciting work machine. At this point, it's just a very good iPad.

Apple Ipad Pro 12.9 "64GB Third Generation 8/10 Technology Score, which made and published the test for the first time.

Advantages of Ipad For Third Generation:

Things to consider:

  • IOS 12 is not suitable for the work machine

  • Limited application offer

  • Strongly limited what can be plugged into a USB connector

  • Re-enter the headphones

  • Pen and keyboard need to be purchased separately (and cost a lot)

  • Svindyr

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