Wednesday , August 17 2022

Jan Björklund: No majority in L for co-operation with SD


During the meeting of the Skåneliiberal Committee on Monday, a letter was adopted in which the district clearly differs from all forms of governmental cooperation with the Social Democrats.

This post Novus Investigation Friday showed that the support of both party leaders Jan Björklund and the liberals has deteriorated considerably. The parties now stand at a historically low rate, 3.7 percent, under the parliamentary barrier of 4 percent.

"The uncertainty that has arisen about the attitude of liberals in the government is unfortunate, and credibility that has arisen for many years is threatened with liquidation." Skåneförbundet argues that it should be clear that in this situation liberals are excluded from the participation or release of a government led by the Social Democrats "says the letter.

"The division of the mandate that ended the elections means that the left has to accept the government of S to be relevant. It is impossible to see what policy and what constellation V can live and which the liberals can stand for," he continues.

IN "Little by Ten" on Tuesday, Björklund commented on this letter.

– They do not say that. Then there can be cooperation with the Swedish Democrats. I know my party well. Skåneförbund has an opinion, but there is no majority in our party to work with Swedish Democrats, he says in a television program.

Björklund, like the head of Annie Lööfová, does not want to close any door.

"If we jointly take such a step, I think we should cooperate," the Social Democrats said.

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