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Johann Farsell (M) and Morgan Johansson (S) in hot exchange of words

In a "morning study" on USTV, moderator Justice Spokeswoman Johan Forsell and Justice and Immigration Morgan Johansson (S) met to discuss the recent violence of violence.

On Wednesday, a second debate in security violence took place in parliament. The government has been invited by all parties except the Soviet Democrats.

"Studio in the morning," said Morgan Johansen, who during the day, used to ring in the police chief, the customer administration and the prosecutor's office.

– Then the government will put a list on the table with the 18 proposals we want to base. We have also received some suggestions from other parties. I think it was a good meeting, "said Morgan Johansson.

Johann Forsyth, of the moderate, said in turn that the meeting was "disappointing."

– Moderate started two weeks ago. We put ten concrete reforms on the table to destroy our country and prevent explosions.

Home Minister: The party has discussed the crime of crime

The minister said: "real".

Forsell explains that the frustration is the fact that no negotiations have started yet.

– I think the Swedish people expect it now. Johann Farsdale says it's good to sit in the SVT in the morning, but I'd rather say why we were sitting with concrete negotiations.

Then suddenly Morgan Johansson is smiling, whose program manager Maneus Naylor tells her to ask what's up.

– It's a little bit surreal. Johann knows that we put 18 proposals on the table, said the Minister of Justice and proposes a preliminary proposal in the school with each proposal dealing with penalties.

– You can't do it all right away, Morgan Johansson said.

Johann Farsdale directly:

– No, the government is acting on everything, just like most people. It is something that we are now a big part of our problems – explosions, shootings, robberies – things that are happening for a short time.

Meanwhile, Johan Forssell believes that the government's proposed "old-fashioned food" is.

Morgan Johansson explains that you are closer to each other on some issues, as a component, but that is when it comes to issues of social interference.

Johann Forsyth responds that he does not believe that the government is a mess of what he believes is right at the moment.

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