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Joseph K – Sydsvenskan will stand alone


Kafka's novel about Joseph K conducts the fight against unaccompanied youth with the Swedish asylum bureaucracy. Now some of them play their story in Drama.

Every Monday, young people gather in a theater group that now plays "Processes". Press Photo.picture: Jonathan Silén

Some former members of the dramatic group have not been able to stay in Sweden, others are in custody in anticipation of settlement. Some have been several times, someone for one or two years, while from the beginning of October 2015 hung one or maybe a couple.

Several are waiting for a message and are in the middle of a "process," also called Kafka's classical novel, and have become the basis of the game that has now taken place three times in the theater theater in Stockholm.

"You can read Kafka's book as a concrete critique of the bureaucratic system that does the people who are in it, and if you read it there is an extreme parallel between Kafka's 100-year text and the lives of these young people," said David Fukamachi Regnfors.

For more than three years, an ideal course for individual and other refugee judgments has, along with the other three actors, ideally available. The last two years met on Monday evening, and it was also when work intensified when it became deeper, says David Fukamachi Regnfors

"We have achieved that great amount, I think it is important to dare to get things or contexts that you should not go for yourself, and when it has become an important part of my life and my everyday life, it has also been a great deal.

Actors in the process are experts in what they are making, he stresses. Performance is a mixture of the Kafka novel and scenes that improvise youngsters on the basis of their own lives.

"If you really do not know his Kafka, it will not be possible to see what scenes are 100 years old and those who are courageous, overlapping.

"Processes" will be held on 21 and 24 November in Dramaten. Tickets are free of charge. The drama is being prepared with a free trial room and access to the stage during the three executive nights.



Unaccompanied representation and other refugee jungles freely after Franz Kafka's novel "Proces". Four actors are working ideally with David Fukamachi Regnfors, Hamadi Khemiri, Malin Janlöv and Jonathan Silén.

Aliasghar Motaghi, Ali Motaghi, Hussein Mohammadi, Ismail Qurbani, Majid Husseini, Mohammad Navazani, Mujgan Ahmadi, Nasim Hosseini and Sanaz Sharifi.

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