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Kennelhosta is worse than usual – P4 Stockholm


The kennel cough, which is actually the collective name of several different viruses or bacteria, can flare up anytime of the year. But it is even worse now than in many years, especially in Stockholm.

"I've been working here for more than eleven years, and I've never been involved in many interviews about the kennelhost. It was so crowded, very much at one time," says Yen Dahlgren.

Kennelhosta makes a dog Get coughing seizures that sound a bit like something that can cause vomiting in their throats. In some cases, a dog may have a fever and pneumonia.

It is a direct contact, or when dogs share, for example, food bowls that infect, but can not affect other animals or humans.

It often associates with exhibitions or other occasions when many dogs meet, for example, in game parks or dogs after the spread of the infection.

"We have a lot of people who are home and sick," says Josefine Malmström, Vice President of Danderyd's Dog Day.

He tells sick dogs He immediately recalled and sat at the hospital waiting for him to be lifted.

"We clean the dishes very carefully because there are kennelhosts, we change the slices and make sure the dogs only go with their roommates, so they do not grow into the room.

There are no numbers around how many dogs are affected by kennelhosts. If it does not affect the general condition of the dog, that means he continues eating and is as usual, the surgery rests and does not want any veterinarian. But in Stockholm it was found that this year's infection appears to be more widespread than it has been for several years now, and that it is more serious, says Yen Dahlgren.

"This type of virus, which seems to have flourished once, has knocked the dogs a bit harder than in previous years, and they usually do not affect publicly, and now we have received cases when they were properly admitted and sick.

Dog can be vaccinated Against some of the viruses and bacteria as an entry into the Kennelhost and dog day, it is often necessary to get there. However, there is no guarantee that the dog may still be affected.

The problem is currently the largest in the Stockholm area, but also in northern Värmland and central Uppland. In most other places, the level is normal. It's an unusual little cough in Halland.

Although it may be it's really hard for a dog, it's often a harmless dog, "says veterinary surgeon Johan Rosberg Thorell.

– They cough, but it is often fast-passing the worst stage and then getting better again. But there is also a risk that they will get a secondary infection with pneumonia and they will feel bad. But uncomplicated flu cough is completely harmless.

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