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Länsaktuella Cajsastina .kerström Release New – Release

If you're going to be baptized after Belman's model, you have a measure of the Swedish tradition of resting on your shoulders. But Cajasistina Åkerström cannot claim that the father was inherited under Fred's inheritance. With twelve full length albums and a debut album that sells platinum, he has carved out a niche in the history of Swedish pop and song.

– I write your own content in the first place and feel like I've found it in my own place, where I can interpret other people's content as well. I'm just very proud and happy about the heritage, she says.

In late November she will come to Clix, Corona and Lolita and this week in 2015 she calls for a true record of "Wrath and Storm." "XXV's Adventure Begins Here" She is once again a stand-up for music on the album, just like actor Peter Kittens, she stands for self-lyrics.

– Over the years I have traveled a lot of summer, feet, shrubs and sunglasses. I haven't been able to write music. At the same time, it was high enough to hand Peter over the bag, which I have full confidence in.

The texts are a clear message, "If this was you", which was written as a post in successful posts and the purpose is not found in the child's Kjسٽstena Åsterstöm.

That life is a tragedy. I have been thinking a lot about what a woman is like in the world of male networking. If I had a daughter, this song would have been written to her.

She is on a farm a few miles out of Clummer where both her mother and half-sister live. Åkerström said there is no need to stay close to music partners in Stockholm.

– It's like a small family collective. My sister is also an artist, so we inspire each other. It felt great this time to be able to live in the capital. For me it is important to boost energy. I grow up and try to be environmentally friendly, don't want to fly, but of course get a car sometimes because of the job.

As she fatigued, Cajacostina Åsterstööm was a prominent station frightening cause, which she woke up to bedside and amazed.

That I am not allowed to advance and fast, because it is extreme. I'm a little nervous when I'm out on stage, but in a positive way. It's an energy, I can change you and do some good work today. I couldn't do that 25 years ago. (three)

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