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MP Speech Time Isabella Lunn gives a warm speech in Vermilo

Isabella Lunn starts her speech by paying tribute to the staff at the home of Wisdomo in Ismarillo, Stockholm Organic.

I go to sea almost every day because of the sea. Fox has been creeping almost every night, and hands. I am on the bridge and have met with a curious match between the thrones, I have depended on all the arrows and the ones that fulfill the full paths of your life. Definitely the fun of the village, she says.

Then the speech gets shorter.

– This is what scientists call anthroposophy. We are now one of the many people on earth, with such enormous environmental patterns, that humanity is now a major factor in the transformation of all life on our planet. At the same time there is the danger of eliminating a million other species.

"Nature has surplus and we live on credit"

He noted that on July 29, it was "World One Day", the day after which the land is settled on its assets.

– The surplus of nature is gone and we live on credit. We are taking on environmental debt, which has mortgaged the world over the first chimney. And deep in the seaside, where giants grow around in the form of plastic debris and microplastics, they cover debt, as do endangered food owners who show up in the dark alley at night, Isabella Luffin.

She draws on Goren Forsman's quote to draw a parallel between the economics of trust and the weather: "Whoever is in debt is not free".

– In our society, we are not encouraged to live on our assets. Not to blame us over the wall. This is the guiding principle for economic policy. We know that a low debt today makes us stronger today in the wake of the economic crisis. The truth is that anyone who puts in environmental debt is not free.

The salty commitment of the Baltic Sea made him a politician

She is the landmark of the Baltic Sea, behind which she speaks.

We have one of the world’s already extinct ecosystems. Right behind me. When I was born, in 1963, about 125,000 tonnes a year was spread throughout the Baltic Sea. In the early 1900s the figure was very stable, of course, during the war. So that the sea can grow much. The interest rate on the capital of the co-stocks in terms of this was.

She says the bay was caught in the Baltic Sea by the mid-1980s.

– In the 1990s, alarm signals began to sound. The caches were beginning to move. In 2002, when they became half of the norm in the 1960s, despite many boats, fishing methods were much needed. Fishing will be required. Some of you may remember that the Environmental Party was the party that acted on the advice of the researcher. Already in 2002, the Environment Party demanded that fishing be stopped in the Baltic Sea, Isabella Lufkin said.

Loon: Baltic Sea Rescue arrives late

She believes that one of the fishermen's experts monitored the problem, booked the "Silent Sea" about the Baltic sea situation, and implemented a policy to change Asia's fisheries policy, which stopped the fishing fishing sidewalk. Turns off

We urge the EU to seek new legislation in the European Union that all stock should be scrapped carefully by 2020, and should be advised by the researchers. For a while, it looked like the Baltic Sea would turn cottages back into decline, but today I can still be taxed with a very high payment. The capital is that, the biomass of adult fish has never diminished.

It then shifts its focus from the Baltic to the global environmental situation.

The month of this year was the largest in human history. The melting of Greenland's glaciers has never gone as fast as heat, melting 200 billion tonnes of water a month, and on August 1, 12.5 billion tonnes of water melted in one day – sea level millimeters worldwide. One of the worst forests in another forest this year was burned in Sweden last year, this year it burns in Greenland. "We have a climate change situation and we have to work now, no more to worry about it," said the world's joint research team.

"You can't automate and pay tribute to Trough"

– The boundaries of the Earth should not be shaken. The colors should be below. Current operations should eliminate fossil fuels and reclamation production, and excellent work is already done in the industry and transport sector. But we need to be wise and acknowledge that this will give us time to catch up.

The 16-year climate performance of Greta Dunberg is a major influence, but it is believed that climate awareness is also bound to increase.

Without making drastic historical decisions, you cannot pay the auto and tribute for Greta, even if it does affect her financial interests. Can't deny the integrity of a research and situation and then talk about solutions that are decades away, or placed on the responsibility of other countries. The climate crisis is here and now and the responsibility of everyone.

A warning of economic and political forces that want to divide

She warns against climate complaint, which she believes is driven by economic and political interests and is divided.

– The forces that want to increase tension in society. They want to divide us. Then hate and mock and complain. They are fraught with growing inequality where many global customers and customers feel uncomfortable about digitalization and standing up. But they are also aware of the economic and political interests that undermine the power of the oil and fossil industry. Interest in the Middle East, in the US and at least in Russia.

The new fossil delays investment transfers and is based on environmental debt, increasing the risk of falling out of debt, it could be said. A socially sustainable change – now it's a change! Isabella Luffin says the benefits are the most favorable, and affect only the poor and the poor.

"Researcher couldn't solve it alone"

She believes that not everyone, not just researchers, needs to take the stewardess off their back to solve environmental problems.

– No, researchers can't solve this for us alone – especially if we don't count them. We have to change ourselves. Everyone is at their partner, at work, at school, at home, in politics. There is no way, there are a hundred ways for a sustainable society – and we need to walk them all.

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