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New study: That's why we gain old weight as much as we do

In research, published in the journal Natural Medicine, Researchers have investigated 54 men and women who have been designated fatty tissue for 13 years. According to the results, these results have been reduced over time in participants' fat cells and those who have not been compensated for this, will receive lower average intake.

"The results show for the first time that the factors in fatty tissue release various factors in terms of body weight." Peter Arner, Professor of the Department of Medicine in Hedding, and one of the lead authors of the study, at a press conference.

New treatments can help

During the study, the researchers also examined what was wanted in 41 women who underwent cataract surgery, and then found that only those women who underwent surgery had less lipid conversion than did menstruation. Thus leading to weight loss. According to the researcher, the obvious explanation is that people who have more room to grow pearls than people with high-income income early on.

Researchers now hope that the results will contribute to new therapies for obesity and obesity in the future.

– Obesity and obesity-related diseases have become global issues. Therefore, it is never more relevant to understand how lipid functions and how they regulate fat mass in humans, says a researcher in the Cell and Molecular Spalding Division and the study's lead author.

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