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Quarter to Harburg for Travronden

Thomas Auerberg had already won another ship starting at V86 Unknown joint (E and Norris Bean) Also The hall of waiting (Electric Rock). He then joined V86-3 following the training of Ola Samuelson The river's storm (e up and down) from other ranges of 1.12.1a / 1640 m.
Her last bit was a bit of a panic, so I had to sit down long enough to just get useless. Then we have more chat in the end. He is a great horse, who will only get better and better when he gives birth to technology to work perfectly, looked at Heilberg, who had not made it clear for the evening.

No, in V86-5 it's time for a long distance chair. Trained with Patrick D. Hahn The face of the skin (King Raja Maichichi) He was definitely left out of the others.
It was a long time ago when I won four wins in Jaxero, but it already is. It already felt like 500 is too much for me to run with, so it was only in the end to save a little on the forces. Flemington Jensen's cash flow was brave, but he did my horse well, said Herbert.

Sprint race in Jägersro (V86-1), Hanna Lähdekorpi and over 1140 meters Target containers (Raja Raja Mirchi) for a tight starting jump between JL Elton Chali Tepitle and MT Icide 500 (1.05.5).
It was just moving as fast and it felt tight in the last curve. But at 50d it seemed we could win the war. It’s a nice addition to the horse, ”said Hana Lohdecours.
The victory time was stopped at 1.08.8a / 1140 meters.

Henrik K Person-Trained Behind Oggen Klistow Darwin (By Vark-2). When the rally came to a halt, the team only decided on the grandstand of Standell Danilo Burke.

Just two weeks ago he took the K. Lindblom-trained Porthos Race home to the K. K. Britmark Memorial Race at Jägersro. At Solvalla, the Mets took a tip with Holmstadt in the amateur sprinter (V86-4). Chapuy (E. Easy America). This horse is trained by .ke Lindblom. The victory was like 1.11,3a / 1640 meters at the time.
Like a good opportunity before. Chipmunks are quick and we come straight to our leaders. He then kept himself dry and he probably wouldn't let the buses in, he said, and Matt Holmstadt said.

Seven year old Mario .ايون (E Dream) V86-6 at 1.12.0a / 2140 m inspired by Kai Jazella's lead.
– He'll have to experience it again when you think the racing career is over. Coach Anna Oberg said that looked a lot better than that.

In V86-7, Joaquim showed the logarithm Infinitus (e Infinitif) The good rabbit when out at 1.13.4a / 2140 meters, exits the favorite Marcelo Webb.
Right now it is a figure, exactly the same as a four-year-old. Today it felt very crowded, with attendees saying they wanted to ruin the horse in the summer. Make a big run of it, Joaquim Lupine said.

At the V86 end, it was solid Come on Gretchen (By Pitt Lake) – The Oasis. Epgot traveled in another trip / pearl and was very strong in the end.
– The horse will come up right when it accelerates and he was relatively safe. Offner Hodgson said that Princess Borgot was probably a cookie, and Millions got help from Hedgehog learning.
It feels very unreal at the same time.

Businesses on V86:

8 rights: 894,486 crore

7 rights: 5,985 crore

6 Rights: 490 kr

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