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Rash Leather Back To The SHL – strip club just one season apart

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Potswood Strode has been in Switzerland for the past year.
He now returns to the SHL when he signs up for Scientific Scalifige.
– I'm terribly tracked, he says.

Pontus Widerström He was educated at Furlundo and made his SHL debut for the club in early 2013.

Over the years, he had loaned several hockey players to several victories, but in the 2017/2018 season he made 50 appearances for the Gothenburg Club.

Return to SHL

Sheldersmo was never a top scorer in the SHL, but by this point he was physically involved in the physical game.

Last summer he donated the SHL to the Swiss team to play in the club zig.

Freelance Pons Woodstrom 180303 in Gothenburg on March 3, 2018 in Fremont and HV71 in an ice hockey match.
Photo: Michael Erickson / Bloody

There were a total of 33 matches, where he accounted for ten points – more than he managed in all seasons in the CL and twelve games in an academy team.

But now Vodstrom is returning home.

Prepared for Skellefteå

Forward is presented by Skellefteå.

– It will be really fun to come to Skellefteå, which is a great club. I've been traveling.

180125 freeloans Ponce Wiedstrom and Karlsruhanas Jodhum Rohuddin formed in my ice hockey hockey between Karlkonova and Friolong on January 25, 2018 in Karlkorona.
Photo: Magnus Lajal / Black Bend

This contract is written in one year.

– Ponce is a snapshot and promotes team loyalty as well as more defensive play. He said that he would be able to participate in all the work with his hard work. "Is said to be the general manager of Skeloft Aramaic Fresnel.

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