Tuesday , October 4 2022

The alliance takes over the power of S in Gothenburg


In Gothenburg politics, after nearly eight weeks of gestures, intense days have passed.

During Tuesday, V, MP, and Fi, a new minimized red-brown block emerged – where the former former Social Democrats stayed outside.

And now it seems that the 24-year S-board in Gothenburg was over. The four Alliance parties of the Central American, Liberal, Central Parliament and Christian Democrats have announced that they are now taking over at a press conference Wednesday.

Axel Josefson, M.


"In Gothenburg, we have had a difficult parliamentary situation that we have been trying to tackle, we are humble about this task, we have worked in practice and created an optional agreement with the second largest budget option: red-green pink," says Axel Josefson, at a press conference Wednesday.

It is he who proposes to become the new chairman of the city council after Ann-Sofie Hermansson, S. Helene Odenjung, L, is proposed to be the second vice-chairman.

This will be possible because the new red-brown block will bring the alliance.

"We will accept the presidency posts and the first places of the presidency. They (red-brown block, red, Anm.) They will take other seats as deputy chairmen in communal societies and councils," says Axel Josefson.

David Lega is delighted

The two largest parties in the autumn elections in Gothenburg were the Social Democrats and Democrats. Through a new optional agreement, the two sides gather together outside.

"It's a great deal of humility because we realized it was a difficult situation, but we are very excited to say that we are also ready to take responsibility. Today we are happy and we will return as we drive," says Helene Odenjung, L.

David Lega, head of the KD Group in the City, said that "Göteborg waited 24 years in a new committee."

David Lega, head of the KD Group in Gothenburg.


"It is clear that we are happy, but at the same time we are humble, but we realize that we do not have a majority and we will have to make a call.

The Central Party was elected to the city council after the election, and now they are contributing to what appears to be a change of power, something Annie Lööf, party leader, prays.

"Congratulations, Alliance," he writes on Twitter.


Ann-Sofie Hermansson report

At the same time, the current chairman of the City Council in Göteborg, Ann-Sofie Hermansson, S, is far away. At a press conference that took place shortly after the alliance, Ann-Sofie Hermansson seemed able to talk to the Democrats Martin Wannholt.

"It's an unhealthy alliance, politics when it's the worst," says Ann-Sofie Hermansson of what appeared earlier.

Hermansson told a press conference that he will continue to seek cross-border talks and believes that the deal with the red green rose with the Alliance does not give them any power.

– It gives them money but does not give them much because they are in opposition. I am still committed to continuing the wide governance of Gothenburg.

"In short, this is not a good day for Göteborg, I'm really concerned about city development, I'm not going to throw an ax because nothing is clear, we are not close to the complete table, it's weeks ahead.

Ann-Sofie Hermansson, S.


She also described how she would like to conduct further talks with Democrats.

"The two parties that most Göteborgers have voted for are the Social Democrats and Democrats and are currently the two largest parties outside," Hermansson said.

As for this, she wanted to work with the Democrats, she replied:

"It is clear that you will continue to call.

GT requested Martin Wannholt, D.

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