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There was a woman about the art of physical dramas


Mattias Nordkvist worries with the dress of women.

Photo: Ola Kjelbye

Mattias Nordkvist worries with the dress of women.

Denied entry

Scenes: Guttonberg's city's city, studio

By: Mattias Nordkvist

Director: Anna Peterson

Views: Anna Paterson and Mexicie Mill

The "prohibited entrance" Mattias Nordkvist plays with textbooks from Victoria Benedicton's diary and is a form of aerial form of aerial form of men's domination in the world. The Christian questioner sees a physical and prestigious position.

"Woman is the one who has become the one who can not grow up from her own self, that I am a woman, curse my life."

After that he writes "Air Tariqat" in the Little Story of Toddie Benedictson, the most obvious and at once at the same time described the description of disappointment, "How should this woman be considered at the end of the 1800s, By the point of view, a unityist, unorganized, was uneven and lost a literacy rate of capital.

Mattias Nordkvist is now referring to this subordinate and painful condition, with material content from Victor Benedictix's dictators. It relates to a tourist with a narrow dress, as it is an extraordinary odor of a pillar above and especially ineffective effects.

There are Mattias Nordkvist caveats and clips in this dress, so it has tried to fade away that would be a dangerous one. Performance is physical and reliable, it is a traditional tradition that has been shifted from 1920 to their powerful nature, and where there is a traditional role for physical action as physical survival and body absorption.

So there is also an uproar, anxiety, and rebellion. What a problem can be as a lawyer as a lawyer who has been subject to abortion and violence, it is more difficult to get out of it. Mattias Nordkvist sometimes writes with hand in hand that he copies him, he can throw himself on the floor and for example, "Chakrabar is a small class of poisonous literature."

Unfortunately, unhappy, unhappy in love, stuck in his way, Viktoria Bennettinson took his life in Copenhagen in the hotel room in Rome. The famous restaurant will glimpse here. There is a connection between life, death and order.

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