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Thieves living in Paris – pages

Art A thief was injured in a search of precious metal, injuring a large sculpture in his Paris studio by German artist Anselm Kafir. A security guard goes after a thief's counterattack around a curfew studio and a book shows the pictures.

Anselm Café Germany is one of the most famous sculptures in Germany and has lived in France since the 1990s. He purchased the full lead wall for Colin Cathedral in 1985, when the church was renovated. He has used materials for parts of his work, the symbolism of recycling and the artistic cycle.

By 2016, one of Kafir's sculptures, according to $ 1.5 million, was damaged by a thief who entered his studio, belonging to 16 million. In 2007, 22 lead statues were stolen from the chair, but they were later found, turning them into a poor condition.

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