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A large land is vapor in a water-soluble environment

The problems of the people of the opposition have hidden the atmosphere of the super-Earth. Chemical conditions can be identified in the environment of living conditions.

Thorsten Dambeck

Dynamic representation of the computer's steam-wrapped planet K2-18b. In the background you can see the Mother Star and another planet. (Photo: ESA / Hubble, M. Kornmesser)

Dynamic representation of the computer's steam-wrapped planet K2-18b. In the background you can see the Mother Star and another planet. (Photo: ESA / Hubble, M. Kornmesser)

The atmosphere of a mighty planet is never brave. This already shows the competition between Mars and Venus. While the atmosphere is red and very hot, but the heat on Venus is warmly warmer. Little is known about the gas envelopes of more than 4,000 certified extracellular seats. Only a few childhood sets have been able to detect the atmosphere so much. Now, for the first time, astronomers have an environment with an exoplanet that is significantly smaller than baptism. This finding acknowledges that living conditions prevail in the distant world, because there is bad water in the atmosphere.

It's about exoplanet K2-18b. Like the researchers from the University of London University of Frances Suris In the journal "Natural Cell" inscription, he was discovered in 2015 by NASA's Kepler space telescope, about 110 light years away. The Hubble telescope du Vorübergänge also in front of his home star in the following two years. During these transitions, the star's light was partially turned off by the Earth, while the other star's light was emitted through its gas lift. The archived data has been re-evaluated by the research team. They found water vapor, and point out the measurement of hydrogen and helium in the atmosphere.

No other land

K2-18b is no other land, but heavier than that. He falls into the category of super-earth weight, for which there is no equivalent to half the sun. With a density of 3.3 grams per cubic centimeter (Earth: 5.5), it was much like a terrestrial planet with a rock crust. But it could also be that the world's one global ocean is dominated by water. Which is more appropriate than the scenario. Water on the surface may be because the Earth receives a dark red star from its star, the temperature is reduced to its star's living area.

He looks at the author's Giovanna Tennife in K2-18b, so the most interesting sets for future studies. However, researchers may have mistaken many of the ambiguities in the current situation: for example, it is still unknown, that other molecules are present in distant planetary air. Are nitrogen and fish also available, as the author complains? In addition, you do not know that the cloud from the cloud in K-18-18b is the sky. Also, depending on the concept used between 0.01 and 50 percent, the amount of water sportier water can only be estimated.

An interesting result

From the University of Bern of Kevensburg, who was not himself involved in the study, but nevertheless declared it a milestone. Similar investigations have already been done several times, but here for the first time a super clear signal was found for the earth. That was clearly an interesting result. Quantum environment for such analysis are not specific. The long-term goal is to categorize specific biological activities as biomarkers. Experts, however, have branded their hopes: "We are not there yet."

In general, the extrasolar gas hoses feature is a very difficult business. In the case of Trapist 1, populated by 7 exoplanets, the search environment has failed. This is due to the fact that the central star of this planetary system is designed with a lightness of only 0.5 per thousand. So the earlier binoculars are more indicative.

Thus, the next generation of space telescopes has been chosen by researchers. These include missions to the International James Webb telescope and the European Earl; expected start dates are 2021 and 2028. First up from 2018, NASA satellite teasers in space. He is to discover another super-land of CC like K2-18b in the coming year. According to the author, Anu Vadman, it is likely that many prominent residential seats will soon be found. Because unlike our solar system, there are a lot of earths in the domestic universe.

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