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Blood Poisoning: Every fourth patient dies

There are several reasons for blood poisoning. Photo: dpa

There are several reasons for blood poisoning.
Photo: dpa

Fracture – Some symptoms are other diseases. This is probably because the Simpsons, more commonly known to the general public for blood poisoning, are often more or less depleted. Injured specialists at the University of Frankfurt Hospital on Wednesday, with injuries reported. The diagnosis is 23% in the hospital. In 2015, sepsis registered 320,000 patients. The number of invalid cases can be even higher.

From overcoming chemotherapy

World Soldier's Day on September 13th calls doctors to pay more attention. Because in the case of an emergency, only the quickest possible combination with antibiotics and antibiotics is possible. Infected are usually people whose immune system is weak. Chemotherapy, an organ, infection of the flu, but more acute are also other things.

"A lot of people think that blood poisoning is always something to hurt," said juror Bojinga, an illness care physician. That was a mistake. Bacteria are also that they can be injected into the bloodstream by other means. Even out of the mute, where they have no harm. It is associated with illnesses, fever, and possibly dangerous blood poisoning. "Almost every second an unwanted person dies," says cardiologist Dr. Stephen Fletcher.

According to Andreas Schmitzbauer of General and Visceral Surgery, he has been designated the so-called Instant Sofa Number in his clinic, as a way to exclude patients who are large in an emergency. Anxiety is low systolic blood pressure, 22 minutes more than breath, and changes in consciousness. "But it's not a particular symptom," says Bojinga.

The cause of death is more than one organ failure, which attempts to stop the antibiotics within an hour. "Hard hit and start" is the motto. German: These fields should be treated early and clearly. Finally, it takes a long time to analyze which infection is most common in the body and how to treat it.

Therefore, the appropriate blood test continues, an agent who has often denied many Hamas. One barrier to treatment may be that many people have multi-resistant cosmetics that have been misdiagnosed in the past. Therefore, doctors believe that more emphasis should be placed on sensitive treatments. "The drug has been used for 14 days," Bojinga says. Today treats you really well. In addition, the allocation of certain substances is additionally assigned by independent experts.

Approximately 70% of university hospitalized patients will develop sepsis. In the hospital itself, hygienic measures such as high quality of hygiene should prevent the transmission of bacteria. But blood poisoning can kill anyone. The artisan thriller is an excellent example of this: Stories of Austrian lingering dead captured the stocky and robust slave alfred from Lunenburg. There is no unrealistic scenario.

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