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Demo in Basel against migration treaty – even SVP separates – Switzerland: Standard


The Nationally-Oriented Swiss Party (Pnos) has not been to Swiss society 18 years ago. And if he tries again, there will be great resistance. Tobias Steiger, president of two sections of Basel Pnos, on Saturday called for a major demonstration against the UN migration treaty at the exhibition grounds.

The event, which also features political rapper Eric Weber and genuine Munich city councilor Karel Richter, was approved by the police. By "20 minutes," Steiger says he hopes 450 visitors.

Basically, basically, in the Left to Extreme Left Spectrum, there is a fight against terrorism when the right-wing radicals want to march in public. Basel young socialists called for demonstration in the exhibition area. Instead of becoming a critical center for the concentration of right-wing and leftist activists, the police only approved the counterpart on the plant of three roses. Originally organized by the left, now almost all political parties parties of two Basel joined the resistance against demo Pnos: LDP, CVP and FDP of both polkantons want to publicly separate from the ideas promoted at the exhibition grounds. Also Greens and BastA! There are.

Common against the pound

The SVP Basel-Stadt is in the same corner: "Every extremist ideology has no place in our society. We are clearly distinguishable from the demonstration of the Pnosu," explains Lorenz Nägelin, president of the party. However, they do not want to participate in the rally: "This unnecessary payment pays the money organizers unnecessarily and can contribute to escalation," Nägelin said. The FDP District Administrator Marc Schinzel will be a participant. After launching the planned demonstration by right-wing extremists through the social media, he decided to publicly oppose it. "I will also be on Dreirosenanlage with some of my colleagues," says Schinzel. Because: "Such resistance can not be left just to the left, but the inhabitants must also appear, the ideology of the Potential contradicting our liberal values."

And the group with right-wing extremist and nationalist ideas should appear publicly, it should not be that you are protesting only on the Internet, and you do nothing in real life. "You must not only write bad, bad, but bad" in the social media, but publicly do nothing against such ideas, "says Schinzel.

Whether the demonstration really takes place and whether there is more than a handful of right-wing extremists is left open. Eric Weber tried to organize a rally of right-wing extremists on the market in February 2016. Even then there was massive resistance in advance and the police banned the demo. Eventually, Weber was alone with two or three classmates.

No empty sheet

But from the moment Tobias Steiger became chairman of the two divisions of the Basle, a few years ago, he and his right-wing colleagues are again in Basel again. So they got to the Carnival on the front page because they joined Cortège in costumes with racist performances.

Steiger is also not a blank sheet in the Basel area. So until 2015 he was the head of the SVP Dornach until the party expelled him. The opportunity was BaZ reporting, which dealt with racist statements in the social media. And so he made pietätslose comments on the death of the asylum seeker and did not want to publicly distance himself from right-wing extremists. Steiger 2015 for 20 minutes: "Why should we get right-wing extremists where we have common interests?" The owner of the security company said.

SVP was too much: "These are brown thoughts that have nothing in common sense," Christian Imark National Council of Solothurn SVP said at its meeting. Visiting listener Karl Richter is also famous on the right scene. The NPD denies the genocide of the Jews in the Second World War, relativizes the massacre of the Norwegian right-wing terrorist Anders Breivik, and raised his shoulder for Hitler's salvation at the Munich City Hall – worth 2800 euros of buses. There is no need to write another word about Eric Weber's thinking. Whether organizers and speakers can now wake sleeping dogs and come to a pot of brown meat is questionable. One thing is certain: durability is guaranteed.


Almost all political parties of both Basel
want to take part in the resistance –
with the exception of GMP. Specify the counterpart with the pound
Activists too much attention?

(Basler newspaper)

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